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        St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. (formerly St. Anne School of Medical Sciences, Inc.) is a non-stock, non- profit and non-sectarian educational institution founded by Dr. Potenciano A. Andaman and Dr. Elvira A. Andaman. This school was born in March 1986 as St. Anne School of Medical Sciences, Inc. and was housed at the third floor of St. Anne General Hospital, Inc. (formerly Andaman General Hospital Inc.) at Gomez Ext., Red-V, Lucena City. In June 2002 the Basic Education Department starting with the Kindergarten (Kiddie) Program.

       School Year 2003-2004 marked the establishment of the elementary level with Grades 1 and Grade 2, followed by the First Year and Second Year of the Secondary level. In the following year, Grades 3 to Grade 5 pupils and Third year high school students were added The continuous growth of the Basic Education Department paved the way to offer complete Pre-Elementary, Elementary and Secondary Levels. These programs were granted Government Recognitions.

       The changing platform of education moved the Integrated Basic Education Department to adopt the K-12 Program. In the year 2014-2015, SACLI-IBED was granted the Provisional Permit to operate Senior High School Program with the following track and strands: Academic Track - ABM, STEM and HUMSS. For Tech-Voc. the Home Economics, Information Communications Technology and Industrial Arts.

       St. Anne College did not cease to reinvent its programs and services as it works towards having all its program offerings accredited by PACUCOA and among them are the Elementary and Junior High School Program which passed its Level 1 accreditation.

       The IBED continues its journey towards delivering excellence in all its academic offerings and services as it gives so much emphasis to develop the 21st century learners.

Philosophy, Education Thrust and Program Outcomes

The IBED Philosophy

       The Integrated Basic Education Department believes in the holistic development of its learners as it commits to provide quality education through active involvement in the teaching-learning process, provide opportunities to strengthen learners’ potentials using differentiated programs, activities, research and pedagogy. The learning experiences infused with positive values shall prepare them for life-long learning.


Integrated Basic Education Department aims to achieve the following goals:
1. Provide the learners with quality education through well-defined programs and activities.
2. To strengthen learners commitment to raise their level of competency, effectiveness, and translate the SACLIAN values to serve the less privileged of society.
3. To exemplify SACLIAN leadership characterized by genuine concern for others, joyful service, obedience and humility

Profile of Integrated Basic Education Department


       The Integrated Basic Education Department’s Elementary and Junior High School Programs passed the PEAC Recertification Visit and accredited by the PACUCOA in 2016.


The IBED is an institutional member of Center for Educational Management

The IBED is an institutional of Global Resources for Assessment Curriculum and Evaluation

The IBED is a member of Philippine Association of Graduate Education (PAGE)

The IBED is a member of Philippine Association of Federation of Teachers (PAFTE)

The IBED is a member of Lucena City Association of Private Schools (LCAPS)

Program Offered

Grade School

Junior Nursery and Senior Nursery and Kindergarten
Grades 1 – 6

Junior High School

Grades 7 – Grade 10

Senior High School

Academic Track
Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM)
Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

Technical/Vocational (Tech-Voc)
Home Economics: Food and Beverage Services, Bread and Pastry Production, Housekeeping
Information, Communications Technology/Computer Programming/Animation/Medical Transcription
Industrial Arts (Automotive Servicing, refrigeration and Air-conditioning Servicing, Plumbing and Shielded Metal Arc Welding)

Awards and Honors

Publication Features

Integrated Basic Education Department offers the following programs:

A. The Preschool Program. The Preschool Program provides nurturing, caring and God loving environment that aims to develop healthy self-concept and positive self-esteem among children. Academically, our Preschool Program is anchored on learning the fundamental skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, adding, subtracting, good manners and right conduct recognizing community members and talent development through play activities.

Kindergarten Program aims to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years of a child. This is the compulsory and mandatory entry stage to basic Education. This provides that all five (5)-year old children shall be given equal opportunities for Kindergarten Education to effectively promote their physical, social, emotional, intellectual development as well as their values formation.
B. The Grade School Program aims to provide children with supportive learning and dynamic educational experiences. It provides academic offerings which utilized learner-centered and holistic approaches to develop student’s lifelong learning. The school’s Core Values which are Culture of Excellence, Competence, Creativity and Citizenship are distinct values consciously integrated in all curricular, co-curricular offerings, programs and activities. The curriculum is further enriched by offering a wide variety of activities and engaging interactions addressing diverse interest of students. Granted the Level 1 Status by nationally recognized accrediting agency, PACUCOA, the grade school continues its efforts to provide the best elementary education that will enable its graduates to keep up with the demands of high school life.

C. Junior High School Program aims to form SACLIANS who have deep faith in God, imbued with values and solid knowledge on the 21st century skills. The program offers differentiated curricular and co-curricular activities that respond to the challenges and call of the technological community. St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.- Integrated Basic Education Department intensified its program through full integration of technological innovations in its curriculum through the adoption of the ARALINKS; an instructional platform to enhance teachers delivery of instruction. The Junior High School Department has passed the Level 1 Accreditation Status by the nationally recognized accrediting agency, PACUCOA.

D. Senior High School Program aims to develop the interest and expertise of SACLIANS in the different fields of study and to prepare them for their future college life and in the world of work. Students are taught highly contextualized and specialized subjects to equip them with the technical knowledge and skills needed to do creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and research in their chosen field. Students are also given array of opportunities for collaborative and cooperative activities which develop their sense of participation and unity towards others and to communicate effectively using the language of their discipline.
A special feature of the Senior High School Program is the work immersion, where the students observe and immerse themselves in the actual work environment for them to learn from professionals and experts in the field. In addition, the various advocacies of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. are infused in the curriculum and in the different activities that allow the students to live out their SACLIAN identity through engagement in programs and projects related to environment issues and concerns and services to the poor and others in need.


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