School of Education, Arts and Sciences (SEAS)

AB in Communication

  • AB Communication centers on the history, theories, concepts and ethics of various practices in media and mass communication. Our emphasis is in Journalism, Film, Radio and Television, Advertising and Public Relations. Graduates of AB Communication can pursue careers in the field of publishing, print and broadcast media, advertising and public relations

AB in Pyschology

  • AB Psychology provides students with an understanding of human behavior and psychology as a scientific discipline. It gives insights into the influence of psychology on contemporary thoughts and industry practice. This program allows you to work as guidance counselor, human resource officer or coordinator or social worker

Bachelor of Science in Education

  • Bachelor of Education is designed to develop education professionals for various types of education work in diverse contexts. It provides opportunities in preparing future mentors with exemplary leadership qualities for the transformation of individuals in a multifaceted society. It has two programs which comprises of Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education

  • BSEd students may specialize in English, Filipino, Physical Sciences and Technology & Livelihood Education.

  • BEEd has concentration on General Education


       SACLI’s School of Education, Arts and Sciences was established as a result of various splits of programs of the institution. To deliver an academic and administrative efficiency, the Academic Council decided to cluster in one department the programs which are inter-related and parallel to its respective philosophy, thus CASEC was formed. The then cluster was composed of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science in Criminology.

       Later, with the abrupt increase of demand in the field of Criminalistics, Bachelor of Science in Criminology was removed from the CASEC cluster to form a new department which at present is tagged as the School of Criminal Justice Education. While, BS Criminology secured its niche as a sole department, College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences or better known as CONAHS was dissolved due to the unexpected drop-off hence, CONAHS joined the remaining programs of CASE and standing as the Health Sciences discipline of the CASHE department.

       At 2017, the College of Arts & Sciences, Health and Education (CASHE) is composed of the following courses – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Bachelor of Teacher Education, Two-Year Midwifery, Six-month Caregiving program and the neophyte course of the institution, Doctor of Dental Medicine. But in the year 2018, College of Arts & Sciences, Health and Education (CASHE) was transformed to School of Education, Arts and Sciences (SEAS) composed of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Bachelor of Teacher Education separating the Allied Health Sciences courses to make a new department that is now called as the School of Allied Health Sciences. The cluster, envisions itself to be a sanctuary of committed and expert professionals in the Communication Arts, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Teacher Education, forming graduates, complemented with research and community involvement, nurtured with nationalism social responsibility and leadership.

       School of Education, Arts and Sciences is built on tradition of excellence and holds a roster of competent and licensed faculty that compliment with the state-of-the-art facility available for the learners of the 21st century

Philosophy, Education Thrust and Program Outcomes


       The educational journey of man is learning towards excellence, not perfection. Excellence will be built on tradition when avenues for total student development remain not just a promise but a fulfillment.

       The School of Education, Arts and Sciences of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. have a long standing commitment in consonance with the institutional philosophy and thrusts. Parallel to this, its curricular offerings are loaded with areas of specialization that are scientifically related to the present and future trends of the competitive world.


       The School of Education, Arts and Sciences aims to promote the development of intellectually and emotionally intelligent individuals, who are dedicated and zealous change agents, hence committed to extend themselves as “people helper”.

       Moreover, the department upgrades leadership instructional and professional competencies of its personnel and teaching staff as a gauge in meeting the demands of excellent education. Ultimately, it seeks to provide education at its best by preparing students for the professional practice of psychology and community development, as well as for teaching, counseling, research and community extension services.

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Teresita Abdala, MAEd, LPT
Director/BSED Chairperson

Education | Faculty Member

Juanita Bunzol

Raoul C. Capisonda, MBA

Luisita Eclavea

Rhizza Loma

Marites Regala, ED d

Leeroi Rubio, LPT

Luzviminda Torres

Ligaya Umipig

Guadalupe Villanueva

Aida Pinera

AB Communication

Ma Monica Ollet
ABComm Chairperson

AB Communication| Faculty Member

AB Psychology

Pamela Ordonez, LPT
ABPysc Chairperson

AB Psychology | Faculty Member

Rosenda P. De Guzman,MAEd, RGC

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