BS Information Technology

  • St. Anne College’s BS Information Technology program’s uptake in virtual/online delivery of learning (SACLI Online-Hybrid Learning) in this “new normal” will enhance the students’ digital experience and will prepare them to become flexible and technologically adept IT professionals to meet the demand of the increasingly digital environment workplace and technology solutions.

    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Information Technology?

    Quality instruction and practical applications

    • Our BS Information Technology programs consistently achieved 100% PASSING RATE in Computer System Servicing for the years 2016, 2018, and 2019.  

    Well-equipped instructional facilities and computer laboratories

    • We provide students air-conditioned laboratories for conducive learning. We always make sure that the software installed is updated to comply with the trend of information technology. Moreover, networking and troubleshooting subjects are also being applied to computer laboratories.

    Personalized mentoring of highly-qualified faculty members

    • We are proud to be surrounded by faculty members who are experts in this field. Most of the faculty members obtained their Master’s Degree to be more competent in the areas of the IT world.

    Robotics as a special program

    • This is one of the BSIT program’s highlights which involves BS Information Technology students in the building and programming of robots; and work hands-on in teams to design monitor, and document its progress. Indeed, SACLI’s BSIT program takes a leap in providing advanced studies in information technology for the students to become well-rounded and globally competitive to steward our wide-reaching technology.

    Exposure to information technology trainings and seminars

    • We are exposing our BS Information Technology students to various IT training, seminars, and in-house workshops or training sessions to equip them with the latest technological trends and best information technology skills.