• Program Overview:

    This is a technical-vocational program that develops skills in planning, preparing, cooking and serving various menus. Students are taught how to make/cook meat, appetizers, salads, vegetables, sandwiches, eggs, desserts, and more.

    Students under the Cooking NCII program are trained in different food preparation and presentation techniques based on industry standards. Topics like receiving, storing, and managing kitchen supplies are covered in the program.

    Course Structure:

    Basic Competencies:

    • Participate in workplace communication
    • Work in a team environment
    • Practice career professionalism
    • Practice occupational health and safety procedures

    Common Competencies:

    • Develop and update industry knowledge
    • Observe workplace hygiene procedures
    • Perform computer operations
    • Perform workplace and safety practices
    • Provide effective customer service

    Core Competencies:

    • Clean and maintain kitchen premises
    • Prepare stocks, sauces, and soups
    • Prepare appetizers
    • Prepare salads and dressing
    • Prepare sandwiches
    • Prepare meat dishes
    • Prepare vegetable dishes
    • Prepare egg dishes
    • Prepare starch dishes
    • Prepare poultry and game dishes
    • Prepare seafood dishes
    • Prepare desserts
    • Package prepared food

    Course Duration:

    Learning all this under the Commercial Cooking NC II will probably take 436 hours to accomplish. It takes time to really master our cooking skills but the time allotted is definite and just for us to cope with what we lack

    Admission Requirements:

    As a trainee, you need to submit some basic and fixed requirements. These are: Certification of Birth authenticated by NSO; High School or College Diploma; Police Clearance; Barangay Clearance; Certificate of Good Moral Character and of course, 1×1 and/or 2×2 Pictures

    Job Opportunity:

    Upon completing the said course, you may be able to apply as a Restaurant cook. By the time you’re already working, you will learn a variety of stuff like the rules and guidelines to keep your profile clean. This is to avoid unwanted or negative feedback from your customers to keep your business running.


    Upon finishing this course, you will be required to take a Competency Assessment before graduation to ensure the issuance of the National Certificate (NC II). Questions and inquiries will be entertained if you visit this site, or o directly to the nearest TESDA institution in your area.