Integrated Basic Education Department Testimonials

  • Meet Mommy Jana Kayla de Guzman and Ysabelle Alleria de Guzman–” The Former and Current SACLIan”

    Stirred by her transformative experience as a former SACLIAN, Mrs. Jana Kayla De Guzman, a mother and a teacher by profession, chose St. Anne College as the second home for her daughter, Ysabelle Alleria De Guzman. Her experiences honed her and assured her that her grade 1 daughter will experience the same and that SACLI will help Ysabelle in finding her path to success.

    Jana sees how her daughter progresses in life; from watching educational videos and dreaming to be a teacher like her to delivering graduation speeches and earning academic and special awards in school. She was amazed by how her daughter was being molded and taught and how these greatly bring a good outcome in their lives.

    “I am grateful for how she appreciates things and learns from her mistakes at a young age. I think the activities where she was involved with, like being Little Miss St. Anne and being one of SACLI’s model student, contributed to her development.”

    Jana is also proud of the sense of independence Ysabelle shows, both at home and in school. It excites her to see how her daughter improves every day. She was grateful to all Ysabelle’s teachers, who she described as mentors who did not just broaden the knowledge of Ysabelle but also taught her the value of love and respect.

     Meet Mr. Michael Alcala and Mrs. Mylen Alcala– “Their Life’s Greatest Blessings”

    With so many schools offering different environments, teaching methods, and philosophies, the experience for some parents can be overwhelming. For Mr. Michael Alcala and Mrs. Mylen Alcala, the decision to choose the right institution for their only son, Micahel Allen R. Alcala, was not an easy one. Yet looking back, Mr. and Mrs. Alcala said that with the right help, observation, and careful research, they were able to find the school that fits with their son’s academic, social, and emotional needs.

    “The process of choosing a school for our son entails a lot of consideration because as parents, we only want the best education for him. We choose SACLI as partner school for our son because we believe on what it stands for as reflected on its Vision, Mission, and Core Values. We believe that the school offers the right program and teaching methodologies for our son, both academically and spiritually in acquiring basic knowledge and developing his potentials.

    “What we like most in SACLI is its diverse activities not only for children but also the involvement of parents. Such activities do not only provide academic excellence, but these also impart good values to the children”.


    “To our son’s teachers, thank you for your patience and hard work in imparting your knowledge and good values to our son. As his second parents, your contributions to his well-being are immeasurable. Continue to guide his path towards becoming a responsible, compassionate, and disciplined student.”

    For Allen to learn effectively and progress through school, he needs good study habits. As parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alcala believe that parents have an important role in helping their child develop positive study habits. By introducing these skills early, parents can equip their children the necessary disciplines needed for academic success. They also believe that a balanced learning and fun physical activities are important for these break up the routine of school work and maximize the opportunity to learn.

    Meet our SACLI-Connect Homeschooler– Coleen Ysbella Orbase

    Mommy Emie decided to enroll Coleen at SACLI Connect Homeschool program as an alternative educational program because she believes that homeschooling is the most practical and flexible educational option in the new normal. At first, she enrolled Coleen in Online-Hybrid but she cannot provide the required gadgets needed.

    “My two college students are using laptops and my senior high school child is using a desktop. So I decided Coleen to enroll in a homeschool program. I want her to become more independent and apply her techniques and strategies of learning from her own efforts with my proper guidance. She also happily shares that she’s grateful for the guidance of their parent-coach”.

    The reason I like most about the SACLI Homeschool program is that we are blessed to have a passionate and dedicated parent coach. She is always there for us, ready to answer our queries. Thanks, SACLI and thanks Ma’am Jane Rivera.

    “It’s not easy for me as a parent but I enjoy it and I really love seeing my daughter studying alone, and during the portfolio presentation, I really admire her, nakakagulat ang mga pinapakita nya.

    Her advice for her fellow homeschool parents is to always try to create a designated learning space and make LEARNING a family activity.

    Meet our Patriotic Junior High School Student- Karla Mapua

    Passion for service was rooted in the life of Karla A. Mapula, a grade 8 SACLIAN, who dreams to be a military doctor someday. She hopes that in the future, she can lend her hand to those in need and to those individuals who protect our land. It may seem challenging but her eagerness to support not just our soldiers but also our country is always greater than the trials she may encounter.

    Karla loves history, that’s why she enjoys her Araling Panlipunan subject. For her, every lesson is a reflection of one’s self and it shapes the world’s values by looking back to the early years of life. It also influenced her in building the patriotic character that leads her to build her dream of being in public service.

    Even at a young age, she has learned a sense of responsibility. She shared that it was her school, St. Anne College Lucena Inc., who molded her to be an accountable student and to give importance to education as it will be the foundation of her future. She added that the school also helped her overcome her lack of confidence and taught her to face her fears.

    “I chose to study in SACLI because I believe that it can help me in reaching my dreams and mold me to become a better individual that will be a good example to everyone”.

    The young musician and dog lover held her head high as she continues to be inspired to achieve her goals. She is grateful that little by little, she moves towards her success through the aid of her teachers and her environment.