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A celebration for the Patron, St. Anne
           July 19, 2018

    With peace and harmony, SACLIans celebrated the Feast of St. Anne held last July 26, 2018 at the SACLI Gymnasium.

    It has been a yearly tradition of celebration and thanksgiving. SACLI rejoiced for one of the most important event of the year, Feast of St. Anne. The event was a week-long celebration including the Nine days Novena and a thanks giving mass. The novena was participated by different clusters and organizations. The schedules were: School of Business, Information Technology and Engineering (July 17), School of Arts and Sciences, Health and Education (July 18), Institute of International Hospitality Management and Tourism (July 19), IBED Elementary and Junior High School (July 20), Office Staff and Personnel (July 21), St. Anne Student Executive Council (July 22), IBED Senior High School (July 23), School of Criminal Justice Education (July 24), and SACLIHEEA, BED PTA and Junior SASEC (July 25). The nine-day novena was held at the SACLI chapel every five o’clock in the afternoon.

    The thanks giving mass was held on the last day of the celebration, July 26. Holy mass was presided by Fr. Ruel Abuel, a priest formator at Our Lady of Peñafrancia Parish Church. At exactly 11: 40AM on the same date, Faculty and staff boosted for lunch at The Hub located at Elvira Tower.

    This thanksgiving activity was facilitated by the Office of Student Affairs together with the St. Anne Student Executive Council. (M. Ayala)

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