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Tourism Month 2018
           October 29-30, 2018

    The Tourism Department of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. celebrates tourism month last October 29-30 at SACLI-AVR. This is when the tourism students enjoy themselves, learn and showcase their skills in the industry. For the past years, we celebrated tourism month by conducting Tourism Skills Olympics such as Tour package proposals, tour guiding, flight attendant showmanship and travel hosting. This year, the Youth Ambassador of St. Anne came up with the idea to have an exhibit in line with the 25th anniversary of the School of Management for International Hospitality and Tourism, conduct a seminar and team building activity to develop the skills and camaraderie of BSTM students.

    The exhibit was entitled “25 milestones in 25 years”. It showcase the gems of the department, Dr. Rogelio B. Llave (SMIHT Dean) Prof. Geronimo T. Gavilan (SMIHT Asst. Dean) and the fruit of the hard work of the SMIHT department, in terms of different achievements such as winning different national and international competitions, and the success of its alumni and the development and growth of the department for the past 25 years.

    Seminar was all about developing the student’s communication skills and Basic safety training. One of the highlight of this tourism month is the amazing race conducted inside the campus. Everyone enjoyed the amazing race and put all of their efforts just to surpass every obstacle that the organizers throw at them, winner or not, they all have a smile on their faces and great memories in their hearts.

    This tourism month was a blast. We all learned a lot from it. This is a platform for us to be better and more knowledgeable in the industry, like what Steve Young said “The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.” (Judith Malungkit)

SACLI Champs in NFS 2018
           October 26-27, 2018

School of Education celebrates second pinning and Candle Ligthing Ceremony
           October 26, 2018

    St. Anne’s second class of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) major in English, Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) and Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) students held a pinning and candle lighting ceremony last October 26, 2019, 8 o’clock in the morning at the Audio Visual Room (AVR) of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. Mr. Leeroi Christian Q. Rubio, an Instructor of School of Education, Arts and Sciences (SEAS), led the auspicious event, which was attended by Ms. Tessie C. Abdala, Dean of SEAS, and other faculty members.

    The Teacher Pinning Ceremony is an annual tradition marking the occasion when one is welcomed into the teaching profession. It is a symbolic ceremony denoting a milestone in an educator’s life. Candidates were presented with a College of Education pin that does not only signify their association with the college, but also represents their affiliation of having an honorable and noble profession in teaching.

    After the soulful Eucharistic celebration was led by Rev. Fr. Bryan Ralph A. Cabrera. Ms. Wenifreda Frondoza, IBED principal at St. Anne College Lucena Inc., gave an inspiring speech that brought the pre-service teachers, family, friends, and faculty to their feet. According to Ms. Frondoza, “Failure is not an option.” This has become her main philosophy when it comes to teaching. Ms. Frondoza emphasized to the teacher candidates that their words and actions will have an impact to their students. She also shared to never forget the impact that they will be implying on young people during their teaching careers.

    On the event, each student selected a family member to place the pin on their practice teaching uniform. Ms. Tessie C. Abdala handed over a miraculous medal to each parent. The medal signifies divine guidance and providence from above during their “in” and “out” campus practice teaching. Batch Benitoite sang “Go the Distance” by Michael Bolton while giving sweet kisses and hugs to their beloved parents and teachers as a sign of gratitude and thanks. Few moments later, Ms. Deslie Rosales, the Young Mentors’ Society (YMS) President, gave her message of thanks to the parents and faculty members. Finally, Ms. Tessie C. Abdala, Dean of School of Education, Arts and Sciences, expressed her pride to the undergraduate students completing their initial teacher degree. It was indeed a “Gratitude Ceremony” for CoTED”. (M. Eroles)

Values A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
           October 17-18, 2018

Teacher's Day 2018
           October 9, 2018

Alumni Varsities took place in participation in this year's Intramurals
           October 5, 2018

    On the first day of the intramurals FO1 Jefferson Luna, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Criminology batch 2012 was invited as the guest speaker. FO1 Luna was one of the students known to compete for the nationals during his time. Not only did he made it into nationals but he also bagged multiple gold medals from various event in Taekwondo during regional and national competitions. In his speech he also explained the bliss and struggles of being both an athlete and a student at the same time. He expressed how sports became a major help in his life. He also emphasized that our academics is way much important than sports because at the end of the day our main goal is to finish our studies and to have stability in life.

    SACLI Alumni Basketball Exhibition Game was held on the third day of the intramurals. The major participants for this exhibition game were SACLI Alumni Varsities. We invited some of our good friends from Brgy. Talao-Talao to witness the skills of our alumni as they dribble, run and shoot like a pro. It was indeed a good fight. The MVP Award goes to Mr. Raymond Mallo, a graduate of Computer Technology batch 2012 with a score of 32 points. The winner for this year’s exhibition game is the Dark Team. The score was 99 over 106 in favor of the Dark Team.

    What makes it different from the previous exhibition games is that, this year, our alumni came up with the idea of a fundraising program for the Medical and Dental Mission to help the indigent families from Brgy. Talao-Talao, Lucena City. In partnership with the Community Relations Department, the said mission was conducted last November 9, 2018 at the covered court of Brgy. Talao-Talao. Both events were a success, not only that our alumni showed their hard court gaming skills but also hand and hand they gave their full support to our adopted community and touched hundreds of lives. (P. Aguirre)

SMIHT reigns Intramurals 2018
           October 3-5, 2018

    Intramurals 2018 ended with the School of International Hospitality and Tourism (SMIHT) handling over the steer of the trophy of champion with 792.5 total points and School of Business, Information Technology and Engineering (SBITE) down just within inches of 757.5 to put the distance on the School of Criminal Justice Education with 745 raced as third and School of Arts, Sciences, Health and Education with 495 labeled fourth on ranking last October 3-3, 2018 at the SACLI gymnasium.

    It has been an intense competition for the four teams battling with experience and glory for their team’s name putting emphasis on the close game battle of SMIHT and SBITE. Meanwhile, SCJE and SASHE still made their best to represent their department in the competition.

    The events and the particular points of SMIHT are: Dance Cheering-20, Chess M (B1-20, B2-20) Chess W (B1-20, B2-15), Badminton Singles (M- 10, W-10), Table Tennis Singles (M- 20, W- 10), Table Tennis Doubles (M- 5, W- 10), Volleyball (M-25, W- 30), Basketball (M-30, W-15), Latin America Category-20, Modern Standard Category- 15, Vocal Solo-15, Vocal Duet-10, Modern Jazz- 30.

    The success of Intramurals 2018 is a combined effort of Sports and Cultural Affairs, Office of Student Affairs and St. Anne Student Executive Council.

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