• Meet Ms. Sheenalyn Marribay–Our Program Ambassador

    Sleepless nights, vital signs, and patient care. Those are the things that come quickly to our minds when we hear the word “nurse”. But being a nurse is so much more. For Ms. Sheenalyn Marribay, our BS Nursing Ambassador, being a nurse means compassion, patience, empathy.

    “I chose this course because it was childhood dream to become a registered nurse and a doctor too someday,” she said.

    For Sheenalyn, she considers nursing program a challenging one not only because of the late night studies but also of the complexity nature of the program.

    “The lessons and practical applications imparted by our highly-competent professors taught us how to help to save lives, bring happiness to individuals and their families, and give care and comfort to those in need,” she exclaimed.

    Her good academic standing, natural leadership skills, knowledge, and appreciation in the nursing program are the key traits why SACLI has chosen her as the ambassador of the BS Nursing program.

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    “Being a BSN ambassador helped me enhance my confidence and personality. I am overwhelmed yet challenged at the same time for I am not only representing the program but the whole campus as well. This opportunity has transformed me to be a good communicator and a more sociable person. I believe that this experience will also help me become a better leader someday. I had fun working together with my co-ambassadors and I will always cherish this joyful and once in a lifetime experience.”

    Sheena hopes to becoming a registered nurse someday and to eventually pursue a doctoral degree with the guidance of her family and the Almighty God.

    Meet Alexa Arroyo-The Persistent Nursing Student

    “Since I was in elementary, it was already my dream to become a nurse. I took this course because my interests involve in it. I am very interested in topics about the human body, hospitals, different diseases, and medicines, etc. I want to be a nurse because I found it really amazing how nurses literally save the lives of the patients by making sure that they will receive the holistic care that they need. I am also amazed at how nurses devote their lives for the sake of their patients. Other than these, there are also a lot of job opportunities waiting not only inside the country but also overseas. My number one influencer is my mom, she never fails to support me in accomplishing my goals and dreams.”

    “SACLI helped build my confidence. Though it was my first time joining a beauty contest, the words of encouragement given to me by my SAHS family helped me conquer my fears. Professor Luzviminda Porte and Professor Maria Jessica Areja for me are the professors who made a huge impact in my life. “

    “They are my great influencers. They are the registered nurses I know who are very devoted to using their voices and skills to train and prepare future nurses. They are always there to support and teach us not only the lessons in our subjects but also lessons in life. They helped me to become more determined to reach my dreams and not by not easily give up to problems and struggles as a college student.”

    Five years from now, she can clearly see the letters “RN” already added at the end of her name. She can imagine herself working in a hospital abroad, looking professional in white scrubs, taking care of her clients passionately with a big smile on her. Most importantly, she can see how proud their parents are of her achievements. I can also see that my parents are so happy and proud of me.

    “To all the future nurses, always have time to read and review your lessons because nursing is not an easy course. Spend time building study habits because that will help you a lot. Whenever you feel down and tired, take a deep breath and remember your dreams and life goals. Have faith and trust in yourselves. Cheer up and never give up! “What you plant today is what you will harvest tomorrow.” I know that every one of us will earn that “RN” at the end of our names someday.

    Meet Michael Emman Dasco Orbe -BS Nursing Batch 2008

    A humble man with a gigantic grit.

    He’s a graduate of BS Nursing, Batch 2008 and he’s been holding the lamp of Florence Nightingale for more than 12 years now. And just recently, he happily shared one of his biggest milestones of being a registered nurse in Germany. Never before have foreign applicants, especially a Filipino like him had such good chances of living and working legally in Germany as a nurse – and of creating long-term prospects in a well-paid job. But because of Michael’s versatility, good communication skills, and high standard of professionalism, no wonder he was able to achieve his dream.

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    “To all the SACLIAN future nurses, NEVER WAIVED YOUR DREAMS! This is how I started my journey. I don’t have everything but by the Grace of the Lord and by the humbleness of my heart, I was able to fulfill this humble achievement. In addition, If you don’t have anything, just act as if you owned everything,” his advice for the BSN Nurses.

    Meet Yahweh Rosales, BSPT Batch 2010- The Successful PT in USA

    Ms. Yaweh P. Rosales is a Physical Therapist Registered in the Philippines and a Registered Physical Therapist in the US. She continuous her studies to complete her Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy at Utica College, NY. Now, she is working as Physical Therapist in MECA Therapies LLC. (Early Childhood Intervention), Sunset Villa, and Casa Maria all in Roswell, NM USA and in LHC Group (Cape Fear Valley Home health) at Fayetteville, NC USA.

    “SACLI provided me with a decent education , its outstanding curriculum and dedicated professors that guided me all through out my college life since day 1 through graduation day. SACLI gave me an opportunity to see how is it like to be a PT during my clinical internship. This experience made me realize the path that I want to take in the future. “

    “When I got my diploma, I started working on getting my Philippine license so I can practice my profession. I went to a review class in España, Manila to prepare for the Exam. After I got my first license, I decided to work in MCDGH Lucena so I can get experience. While I was working there, I heard a lot about PTs working in the USA to make more money. It made me push myself to get to where I am right now. After two years of working in MCDGH, I’ve decided to quit my job and get my USA license. The process was more challenging, difficult, and more complicated.”

    When I found out that I passed the USA licensure exam, I started processing my visa and all the stuff that I needed to get here. The process was way more complicated. I’ve waited for 3 years to get everything done. It was harder when I got here to the USA. I was by myself trying to start a new life. Life here is more complicated than we all thought. Learning how to drive here, to get my own place, to figure out everything here was really a challenge. I had a hard time at first. But I would say that I adjusted well and I blend in with the people here a lot better now.”

    Meet John Selwyn Gatus- The Active Student Leader of BSPT

    John Selwyn Gatus is a 1st year Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy student and is also the President of the PT Society of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. He said the BSPT is his personal choice and he dreams to be a licensed PT someday.

    “I chose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. as my partner school because someone recommended to me that this program is being offered here. I also did some research and found out that this school has the highest rating of board exam passers here in Quezon Province.”

    John can balance his academics and the demand of the organization by exerting more effort in all the things he does. He believes that nothing is impossible for a person with goals and determination.

    “Joining this organization (PT society) helps me grow as a person. It helps me discover more about myself and this also brings me a lot of learnings about Physical Therapy. It also teaches me to be a more responsible student when it comes to managing my time and tasks well. PT Society also develops my communication skills for it also allows me to meet different kinds of people; and with that, I also learn how to adapt to different situations.”

    Meet Mr. Marion Coral-The President of Philippine Dental Student Association- SACLI Chapter

    Philippine Dental Student Association- SACLI Chapter’s core mission is all about quality education–that is, producing competent, highly -disciplined, and compassionate Dentistry program graduates through its various activities that promote professionalism, volunteerism, and nationalism that will enable students to participate actively and lead in the community.

    “When I was elected as president of Philippine Dental Student Association- SACLI Chapter, I felt pressured that I will lead an organization, at the same time happy because I can contribute to our organization. Big responsibility to handle but of course, with the help of our adviser, we can achieve our mission and objectives. I guess being a president is just a position but all the officers have to give an opinion, critics that will improve the organization, and communication with each other help the organization,” says Marion.

    One of the major activities of the organization this year is that they will be collaborating with public schools to help promote dental and oral health awareness, specifically to grade school students. They also have webinar lineups for the parents of this student so they can also learn about the importance of oral health. They are also planning to give oral hygiene kits to their recipient families as well.