• Meet Ms. Anna Joy Gonzales, BS Accountancy Batch 2016–“The Most Reliable JPIAN

    She’s a dreamer and an achiever. She graduated as a Cum Laude , with the degree BS Accountancy year 2016. She’s also awarded as the Most Reliable JPIAN during her student life.

    Anna Joy Gonzales is a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduate of SACLI in the year 2016. Currently, she is working as an Order-to-Cash Associate in one of the largest eye care and medical devices companies in the world, which aims to provide innovative products that enhance the quality of life by helping people see better.

    Despite the battles she had faced before, she keeps her scintillated personality to continue what she really wants to achieve in life. Her strength is her positive attitude towards everything. She always tries to look on the brighter side of things and keeps an even demeanor through good and bad times.

    “Being a student assistant, SACLI has been my home for six years. The experiences of being a working student helped me develop as a person– emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It taught me resiliency and helped me deal well with any stress. SACLI has been my training ground, which prepared me in today’s real-life challenges.”

    During my stay at SACLI as an Accountancy student, the one thing I’ve learned is to never be afraid. SACLI pushed me to my limit. People in SACLI became my second family. They honed my skills and believed in me from the start.

    Meet Mica Joy Sinfuego, a 3rd Year BS Accountancy Student— The Great Student Leader

    For Mica Joy “MJ” M. Sinfuego, a 3rd year BS Accountancy student, being the newly-elected president of JPIA was unexpected and thrilling for she will be leading fellow students who are already leaders themselves.

    “Tension is there, too because I and my co-officers are elected during a time where most aspects are done virtually. Up until now, words about how I felt are still impossible to construct. But one thing I am sure of, I am not alone in this path. All of us in JPIA-SACLI will steer the wheel together as we cruise through this new normal. ”

    MJ shares. She also shares that the Mission and Vision of JPIA are to upgrade the effectiveness of Accounting education as an essential area in business based on the current trends to the members for them to become more competent Certified Public Accountants (CPA) someday.“And while we are working our way through that common goal, the JPIAns are not to remain stagnant in other aspects of being a student. As much as possible, we keep on joining events and activities from counterpart organizations to fulfill our mission to develop our personality and competence in the field of Accounting”, says MJ.

    Meet Mr. Aldwin S. Tabi, BSBA Batch 2017 Summa Cum Laude

    Aldwin  is an accounting associate for more than two (2) years with experience in handling costumer accounts and other duties. He is now working as the Accounting Associate – Cash Receivables Accounts – Foreign / BSP at Philippine Airlines. He was awarded as an Outstanding Performance in International Practicum, Exemplary Performance in Research, Student Leadership Awardee, and Student Conquering Hero Awardee.

    During his college days, he made a lot of adjustments. It was not easy, but he still managed to get along with others. He acquainted with different people, from his co-students to school administrators, to teachers/professors. Because of his determination and to prove that his decision is correct, he made sure that he excels in school. He was also the Vice President of JPAMA (2014-2015), and the Vice President of Young Entrepreneur Society (YES) for S.Y. 2015-2016. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration Major in Accounting last April of 2017. Right after graduation, he worked in the country’s top bank, Banco de Oro (BDO Unibank). He is currently working in the country’s flag carrier airline, Philippine Airlines. He is lucky to land a job that is in line with his educational background. He is under the Department of Financial Services of the said company, For now, he is leaving and still working on his dreams to achieve soon.

    “ SACLI prepared me for my career in a way that they imparted me with so much knowledge. With the help and guidance of all the teachers, it made possible. They enlightened me on how the corporate world goes. The on-point advice from the professors in a sense on how to deal with others in the right manner. And of course, the institution’s core values which handed and applied in every situation.”

    “The advice that I could give to my fellow SACLIANs is that flame up the fuel and keep the fire burning within you. Make each decision with the best interest in mind. Believe in themselves so that they may reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Be the best that they could be so that they may fill their lives and the lives of those closest to them with happiness and with pride, Finally, take the next step in the journey of building their future.”

    Meet Ms. Marisol Panganiban, BS Information Technology Batch 2018

    “Breaking the IT Stereotype”

    Stereotypes (until now) play a strong role in the IT industry. But for a woman thinking about her future profession, stereotypes might feel so strong that she doesn’t even think of it. Meet our featured alumna for today, Ms. Marisol Panganiban.

    Marisol is a graduate of BS Information Technology batch 2018. As a student, she was a dreamer, hardworking, and passionate. She was introduced to computers when was still a young. “My father, being a former Navy computer programmer, became my inspiration to pursue a career in IT someday. And now, I’m a SAP ABAP Developer in IBM Philippines”, she says.

     As a SAP ABAP Developer, she develops, sets up, configures, and enhances SAP ABAP Programmer codes to meet the current and future requirements and to support company’s initiatives. She also designs and maintains converter interface programs between SAP and PC-based systems to make data conversion from external file to SAP possible.

    Like a normal college student, she had her ups and downs. But she was able to continue through the help of her friends, family, and professors who had been her inspirations to continue fighting for her goal. 

    “Bearing in mind what my professor (Mam Cheeky Villamarzo) always tell us “If kaya nila, Kaya mo din”, I always strive for the best to be where I am today, never relying on luck to achieve it because we are the ones to write our own path.”

    After writing her future, she entrusted to SACLI the big part of preparing for the real battle— the real world outside the school premises. She has set goals along the way but not all were realized. But those that were realized were really appreciated and well-deserved because of the hard work and sacrifices not only she made but also her parents whom she gives most credits to.

    Meet Roan Kaye Mirandilla, BS Information Technology– A Student-Leader and Academic Scholar

    Being the President of the Junior Philippine Computer Society (JCPS), Roan Kaye “Roan” Mirandilla was able to develop her confidence, knowing that she is the only girl in the organization. As a student leader, she was able to create precious memories and develop traits that contribute to whom she is right now.

    What I like most about this program is the fact that I learn something new. I am amazed at just how technology is working and evolving. I love how my professors are teaching and guiding me with regard to this field. This program also helped me unleash my full potential and made me realize that I can do more.

    Multi-tasking is one of things that Roan is good at. This can be attested by being a consistent Dean’s Lister for the past semesters and effectively leading the JCPS organization at the same time. Her strong ability to pay attention to things helps her avoid distractions that might detriment her work efforts.

    She also shared that being a full academic scholar, maintaining good grades, and leading a student organization is never easy. Despite her academic achievements, she knows how to live up and enjoy her student life, and to have time for everything. Her resilience, diligence, good leadership skills, and academic achievements are her special traits why SACLI chose her as the BSIT program ambassador.

    ‘It is truly an honor for me to be chosen as a program ambassador. Never had I imagine that I could be a face of SACLI or a representative of the BSIT program.” She also mentioned that her secrets to academic success are to stay focused on the goals, stay motivated, and to have good time management.“College is not a race. It is not about being on top. It’s how you are determined to reach your goals. Don’t worry you’ll be there. Just continue to give your best.”