SCJE Testimonials

  • Ms. Maricon G. Munar, BS Criminology Batch 2013- “The Medalya ng Papuri Awardee”

    She may be a police officer, but little did people know that she is more than just a policewoman. The level of professionalism and expertise she has shown in her traditionally male-dominated workplace was recognized by her peers and superiors.

    During her students days, it was her goal to excel with passion in everything she does. Even when she’s already working as a law enforcer, her dedication and work ethics in her profession were beyond words. In fact, she has received numerous and highest distinction awards such as Medalya ng Papuri (2020), Medalya ng Kasanayan (2019), and Medalya ng Kagalingan (2016 and 2019).

    “Despite these achievements, being excellent in all aspects of life is useless if not accompanied with passion because at the end of the day, it is not your knowledge alone that will benefit the people surrounding you; but with your acts of passion and kindness to render public service at all means, be it big or small,” she explained.

    Ms. Munar is also truly delighted that this profession has opened windows of equal chances for a female officer like her, who is also willing to take the challenges and risks in order to give future commendable public service that the people truly deserves

    “SACLI imparted me the appropriate knowledge and skills needed in my chosen profession and has provided me the essential characteristics and core values that honed and prepared me to who I am today.”She hopes for the future Registered Criminologists of SACLI to never be discouraged and to always pursue their dream with resilience and strong faith in God.

    Meet Ms. Czariane Marie Sebastian , BS Criminology Batch 2014 – “The Woman In Uniform”

    She is known as “Kidai” by many. Her colleagues would describe her as a friendly, gullible, and flamboyant woman. During her student days, she has never been into trouble and nor caught doing unwelcome acts. Being a happy-go-lucky woman, she also never thought that she would be working as Jail Officer 1 for more than a year now at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology National Headquarters. She is the youngest daughter of Prof. Edwin Sebastian, the current Director of the Safety and Security Department of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.

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    “I remember back then when I was still undecided on what course to take in college. Knowing my father as a college professor, I took advantage of taking BS Criminology thinking that he is just right there to make my college life easier. No doubt, studying is hard but it would be harder if you will just depend on someone else to take on your behalf. So, to make the story short, the guidance and help of SACLI empowered me to reach my dreams in life.”

    In her college days, she has been part of the ROTC Class 2011 and took advanced courses. Rifles and swords were her toys, drills and ceremonies were her past times, and gymnasium and firing range was her playgrounds. When she finished her degree, she used to work as a college professor in the same department where her father is teaching. She taught Correction Administration and Criminal Justice System subjects. To further improve her knowledge, she also took units of Master of Criminal Justice in a university in Lucena City.

    “The experiences that I had during my training days in SACLI served as the foundations that created me. SACLI has given me a lot of lessons and experiences in life that molded me to become one of their successful graduates. During my student life, there were major subjects in college that are undoubtedly difficult to understand. However, with the aid and great teaching skills of the instructors in SACLI, I realized how important and beneficial the subjects are in preparing me in the public safety and development of Persons Deprived of Liberty. With great appreciation for the knowledge gained, I also decided to teach as a part-time college instructor in the College of Criminology. I felt assured that the learnings I’ve had were also the fruit of their labors.”

    Meet Ms. Lily Lou C. Palomado, the Recipient of “Marksmanship and AFP Commander’s Awards

    Ms. Lily Lou C. Palomado or “El-El”, as what people call her, is a 2nd-year college student taking up the BS Criminology program. She is a person full of determination. She is someone who is ambitious and isn’t afraid to pursue what she wants. In fact, she often sees herself as a registered criminologist and a future cadette of the Philippine Air Force. So what influenced her to pursue the BS Criminology program?

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    “The BS Criminology course is the only course that caught my interest. I believe that this course fits my personality, skills, and abilities. I chose this course because I really want it. And I also got inspired by the brave and dedicated soldiers who are willing to give their life just to serve and protect our country.”

    El-El chose to take up this program in SACLI because of the good reputation of the BS Criminology program. SACLI has molded her into a more responsible student through the help of her professors. Prof. Portia R. Hermosa has made a huge impact on her journey as a student.

    “I am always inspired by Prof. Hermosa’s words of wisdom and with her achievements in life. She always challenges us so we could give our best shot in everything that we do.”During her first two years of study in SACLI, the most challenging part is being a working student. Balancing work and school demands are really tiring. Being a crew in a known fast food chain, she often starts her day as early as possible and she sometimes even feel that the hours devoted aren’t enough. She is one of those who wish for few extra hours to catch more winks. As a working student, she usually goes to bed tired from the long list of errands she needs to finish.

    Despite her hardships and the challenges, she can still be able to give her 100 percent of attention in school and 100 percent of her strength at work and training. In fact, she just recently became one of the selected representatives of SACLI who topnotched the recently held Summer Cadre Training at Lipa City, Batangas.

    The said training was composed of over 50 qualified cadet officers coming from the different colleges and universities from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It was conducted to prepare and mold the ROTC cadets in their future role as cadet officers in their respective schools and for them to become more disciplined and responsible. “SCT was held last June 6-July 18, 2019 at Fernando Air Base , Lipa City, Batangas.

    “I was chosen as one of the five students to represent SACLI. Actually, the number of participants varies depending on the population of the BS Criminology course from the school. Schools like Atenedo de Manila University, University of Pasay, Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa, TCC Batangas, and other big schools have sent their participants, too.”

    “We usually wake up at 4am, followed by the 32-km foot march, road run, and morning calisthenics. We had our classroom-based lessons in the morning until noon, and field drills under the scorching heat in the afternoon. One of the most challenging parts of the activities that I won’t ever forget is the Field Training Exercise or FTX. “

    Her commitment, consistency, and strong discipline during the training period have finally paid off when she bagged two major awards—the *Marksmanship Award and the *AFRC Commander’s Award.

    “It was really overwhelming that I was able to bag these two major awards, especially when there were a lot of us in the training who were also really good. It was indeed a sweet surprise for me, especially to my mother who was there during my graduation. I was really happy seeing the happiness in the eyes of my mom. She was really proud of me when she accompanied me on stage to receive my awards. And I really feel so honored and grateful for the recognition.”

    El-El’s experience during the training made her a more disciplined person and made her realize to appreciate even little things in life, to always have a positive mindset, and that it’s normal to encounter challenges along the journey. Her story taught us that the power lies with your mindset and shifting this is the key to keeping up the motivation you need when the going gets tough. This is why, it’s important to realize why you shouldn’t give in and give up because you might not know when you are just steps away from success.

    (*The Marksmanship Award is given to the cadet who excelled in fire shooting skills. AFRC Commander’s Award is the highest award given to the trainee who excelled both in academic and drills).