• Meet Mr. Delcon Anthony D. Bañares, AB Communication Batch 2018

    “A Radio DJ, a Writer, and a Networker.”

    “I started my career as a Radio DJ way back in 2013 at the age of 17. I was the host of the night show RKA Nights in a local radio station in Sariaya called 107.7 Radyo Kaisahan Arya – now airing as 107.7 Radyo Kaisahan – I was known as Koya Chubby. For two years I volunteered as a DJ without any salary, just pure passion – until I started to feel the difficulty of juggling studying at St. Anne while having the show in late at night. Eventually, I gave up the spot and moved on as a simple student.

    That is until radio found me again in the year 2017 where I planned to apply for OJT on Barangay LS 91.1. That ended up with me in the recording room being the last-minute auditionee AND defeating six others fighting for the position. I now go with the alias “Papa Del” of Barangay LS 91.1, hosting the number shown in the morning Potpot & Friends together with Papa Tong.

    “I was never an achiever when it comes to academics. I hated it actually. I never liked the idea of being trapped inside the four corners of the room listening to things I can’t use outside. I hate school. But you know what? I got something from it even though I hated it. You see, you have to dive deeper. It is given that you will learn something from every subject, but more than that, look deeper and you will actually learn more than academics.

    “Before enrolling to SACLI, even my mom will not, even in faintest of her imaginations, believe that I can achieve what I am achieving now because of my lack of interest in schooling. But the challenges in this school made me who I am today. More than the education, it is the experience that taught me valuable lessons.”

    “At the end of everything. Your grades will not matter. It is not essential on the battlefield. The world will not judge you by your grades but by your attitude, by your ethics, by how well you treat your inferiors. High grades will never have value if you don’t know what you want. It is nothing if you have nothing to contribute to society. If you want to succeed, you first have to know what you want.”

    Meet Mr. Michael Girard R. Alba , AB Psychology Batch 2003

    Chief of Field Technical Assistance Division, DepEd Region IV A CALABARZON

    Mr. Alba is the Chief Education Supervisor of the Field Technical Assistance Division of the Department of Education Region IV-A CALABARZON. He is a Licensed Teacher and Registered Psychometrician. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, obtained Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision, and has completed academic requirements leading to Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education in a notable State University.

    Presently, as he pursues his dream to become a Corporate Lawyer, he is currently enrolled in a reputable accredited Law School by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Legal Education Board as he pursues a professional program leading to Juris Doctor. He’s a mental health advocate, a psychological first aid provider, a mental health first responder for COVID 19. A proud member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), co-head of the member relations committee of the Research in Psychology Special Group (RipSIG) of the (PAP) Psychological Association of the Philippines, one of the representatives of Psychological Association of the Philippines CALABARZON MIMAROPA Chapter, affiliated with Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA- Lipa) and one of the pioneering officers of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association – Quezon Chapter (PGCA).

    “St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. prepares all students holistically. They provide students with an in-depth discussion on the principles, theories of psychology, and practical experiences like OJT and the like from various theoretical standpoints. St. Anne College serves as a vehicle for students to develop their social and emotional competencies aligned with its mission and vision.”

    Respect for the dignity of persons is the most fundamental and universally found ethical principle across geographical and cultural boundaries and across professional disciplines. St. Anne College provides the
    philosophical foundation for many of the other ethical principles put forward by professions. Respect for dignity recognizes the inherent worth of all human beings, regardless of perceived or real differences in social status, ethnic origin, gender, capacities, or other such characteristics. This inherent worth means that all human beings are worthy of equal moral consideration.

    And integrity is instilled in me as vital to the advancement of scientific knowledge and to the maintenance of public confidence in the discipline of psychology. The school honed me based on honesty, and on truthful, open, and accurate communications.

    Meet Yvonne Raca, a 3rd-year Academic Scholar

    “I chose Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) as my course in college because I want to be practical in the way that I can help myself and others. I want to learn more, give more, and to make an impact to the lives of my future students. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing and seeing the evidence that you’ve made an impact on someone’s life.”about:blankImage Box – Select Your ImageUpload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.UploadMedia Library.

    She believes that SACLI will help her boost her confidence and will equip her with essential skills that can help her be an effective teacher someday. She is inspired by how her professors unleashed her creative potential that she didn’t know existed. Backed up with the motivation that she is getting from her family, she’s able to excel academically.

    “Becoming an academic scholar means becoming a person who is continually learning. You should start now to form the habit of regular reading and good time management. Do not pressure yourself, just stay focused on your goal while enjoying your student journey.”