Academic Programs

AB Communication centers on the history, theories, concepts and ethics of various practices in media and mass communication. Our emphasis is in Journalism, Film, Radio and Television, Advertising and Public Relations. Graduates of AB Communication can pursue careers in the field of publishing, print and broadcast media, advertising and public relations.

AB Psychology provides students with an understanding of human behavior and psychology as a scientific discipline. It gives insights into the influence of psychology on contemporary thoughts and industry practice. This program allows you to work as guidance counselor, human resource officer or coordinator or social worker.

Bachelor of Education is designed to develop education professionals for various types of education work in diverse contexts. It provides opportunities in preparing future mentors with exemplary leadership qualities for the transformation of individuals in a multifaceted society. It has two programs which comprises of Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education.

BSEd students may specialize in English, Filipino, Physical Sciences and Technology & Livelihood Education.

BEEd has concentration on General Education.