• Meet Ms. Eizhelle De Guia, BSHRM Batch 2014-An International Flight Attendant

    A former Ms. PRISAA (Private Schools Athletic Association of the Philippines) 3rd runner up and Ms. SACLI 2012, Ms. Eizhelle Jenisse De Guia, spent her years in college with passion and competitiveness. Aside from joining pageants and competitions, she is also a dean’s lister when she’s still at school.

    She was always motivated by every person in her life to pursue the goals and career that she wants. Joining different competitions help her widen her skills and talent and build the woman she is today. She’s not just bagging awards in pageantries but she also won a bronze medal in a Mocktail Mixing Competition of a National Food Showdown in 2013. Her experiences led her to be an international flight attendant for United Airlines which is based in the USA. Her current job also abled her to travel and work in different countries and with different cultures. She shared that her stay in SACLI helped her boost her confidence.

    “St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. prepared me for my career right now by building my strength, confidence, and my knowledge to face different circumstances. Whether I failed or succeed, there will always be a lesson to step things up.

    Right now, she continuously improves herself as she pursues her study and career as a personal trainer and nutrition fitness coach.

    Meet Mr. Luisito A. Cudanin , Jr., BSHRM Batch 2012- The Pastry Chef

    Founder, “Perie’s Wheel of Cakes and Pastries”.

    His first job experience was an Assistant Cook-Pastry from one of the best at luxurious hospitality industries known not only in the country but also internationally, and that is Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila. Because of his exemplary performance at work, he was the transferred to Sofitel Luxury Hotel in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and worked as Commis-1 Pastry. He worked his way and became Demi Chef de Party in the same company. After few years of service, he then decided to head back to the Philippines and became an entrepreneur. He is now making his name in the Food industry, known as the “Perie’s Wheel of Cakes and Pastries”.

    “Being a SACLI student was very challenging. It involved hard work, concentration, determination, and knowing your priorities. It was not easy. It even came to a situation wherein I have to fight strongly and courageously to achieve my dreams. While studying, my father died, and our business failed. We hit rock bottom, to be honest. But that was not a reason for me not to pursue it. I didn’t give up. I know God has something for me. When SACLI was looking for someone to represent the school in a national competition, it was surreal that they chose me to be part of the team to represent SACLI. Those after-class trainings, those days that we were working really hard to what design and target outcome we’d like to come up with. Those “chikahan” and bonding time with my teammates who became my friends. Not to mention the “Dragon” moments of all the mentors which we understand cause afterward we just laughed it all out. It was hard, but it was really fun. I mean REALLY fun.

    SACLI open its doors for me. I was chosen as one of the students to compete in national and international competitions for years. And God is good, He did not just give me an opportunity he also gave the achievements that I myself couldn’t even imagine. He used St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. especially our instructors, professors, and mentors as tools in achieving my dreams.

    And now, I have my own business here in my hometown. I thank God for all the clients who continuously patronizing my work. I know I am just starting but with the knowledge and skills I’ve learned from St. Anne College, I know I will do well.”

    Meet Lheonille Clado–The Fearless Student (BSHM, 3rd year student)

    Lheonille Lhelhe” Clado is one of those young individuals who was hesitant at first to take a stand and outlive leadership among others. For him, among all the challenges that he encountered with his college life being a member of a student council is the most challenging one for it will not only serve as a voice for his fellow SACLIANS but it will also cater the needs of his schoolmates.

    Despite the possible hardship he may encounter, he still considered running for the position of SASEC president. He bears in his mind that in this journey, he will never be alone with the responsibility that needs to be shouldered. Among all those who showed support, his mother is the sole person who motivated and inspired him to continue. For these reasons, he kept going and with grace, he won the race and achieved the position as SASEC president for this academic year.

    The 21-year-old student council president now establishes an organization that will reach out to the students in order to create a harmonious and productive relationship among the institution’s community. He serves as a medium to build connections and understanding with every member of SACLI. Through good time management and the right focus on his responsibilities, his best effort will be evident as he continues to strive to be an extraordinary and diverse leader together with his co-officers for the institution.