Registrar’s Office

A vital component of the school system, the Registrar’s Office keeps the academic records of the students; releases scholastic records, recommendation and other important documents; enforces regulations related to students’ enrolment, subject load, transfer, promotion and graduation; complies with request for scholastic records and other papers for reference and other purposes; prepares and submits all reports required by Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Educational Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) and other agencies. Accounting Office The Accounting Office is responsible for the formulation and implementation of financial and accounting policies, procedures and reporting. The Accounting Office plays a vital role in an organization. It has multi-functions. It does not only concern with the processing of financial transactions, bookkeeping and report preparation but also gives technical assistance to various stakeholders such as the employees, clients, students, and to the Management in its decision making with respect to financial matters.

Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

OSA is concerned with all activities that relate to students and student services – namely learning assistance and tutorials, and student organizations. It initiates and organizes student related events like freshmen orientation; the freshmen welcome assembly, the recognition rites for college scholars and student achievers and other student-centered activities.

Academic Library

The library is a place for repository of literary and artistic materials such as books, periodicals, newspapers, pamphlets, and prints for reading and reference. The library is open to students, administrative officers, faculty members, non-teaching personnel, alumni of the school by special arrangements, scholars doing research works in the library and outside researchers with referral letters from their respective schools.

Guidance and Testing Center

Guidance and testing center offers programs designed to serve the developmental and adjustment needs of the students. It takes care of administering various qualifying, aptitude, psychological and personality, vocational or social capabilities. Assistance in resolving student problems is provided by the guidance counselors who conduct individual and group guidance and counseling sessions. The center is also in-charge of the career guidance program of the College.

Institutional Research and Publication Center

The Institutional Research and Publication Office provides knowledge for strategic decision-making in support of the institutional vision-mission statement. The role of the IRPC is three- fold:

  1. Create and disseminate information and analysis to improve institutional decision- making and quality, focusing on the goals and objectives of SACLI being the landscape of learning.
  2. Continuously scan the environment to identify key research issues in higher education and their implications to SACLI
  3. Use research to demonstrate college performance (including the student experience, student outcomes, student expectations, market performance, and academic performance).
Discipline Office

The Discipline Office is committed to create a conducive school environment that fosters harmonious relationship among the students. The office commits to develop the students to become God-fearing, competent, and disciplined individuals through the implementation of preventive measures, activities, programs toward character formation.

Sports and Cultural Affairs

The office dedicates itself to ensuring holistic development of all SACLI students who are sports-oriented and culturally oriented by giving an opportunity to develop their skills and talents through its various programs and facilities. It has two (2) major components: the sports development program and the culture and arts promotion. Facilities include multi-purpose covered gymnasium, sport equipment, and resource materials for culture and arts.

Science Laboratory

The laboratory is a place of adventure and discovery. Some of the most important events in science history have happened in laboratories. And because laboratory work is an established part of scientific courses in higher education, it is necessary that every student is aware on how to work safely inside the laboratory.

Speech Laboratory

Recognizing the need to provide students with the technology available in learning effective speech communication, the Speech Laboratory, is equipped with computers and earphones.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer Laboratory provides an environment where users may get support and assistance with computer related issues. Computer laboratories are institutional assets of the organization. Laboratory users should expect a quiet and clean environment that is conducive to learning.

I- TECH Center

Information Technology Center aims to provide basic, functional computer services for users who may not have access to such technology at home or elsewhere. The primary purpose of computer lab resources is for academic research, study and class assignments.

All students are expected to abide by the rules and regulations for Internet use.

Instructional Media Center (Communication Laboratory)

The Communication TV Studio is a broadcast facility installed with integrated professional lights, audio, video and console/control and communication/ talk-back systems. The TV Studio is used by students who are enrolled in Advanced Writing for Radio and Television. Students who are enrolled in Radio and Television Principles and Practices (COM 117) also use the facility to familiarize themselves with the set up of a TV studio.

Institutional Alumni and Placement

The Institutional Alumni and Placement directs the alumni association to be a dynamic and respected organization committed to effectively forge and maintain an active relationship with its alma mater, for the benefit of its members and its partner communities.

The office is committed on its role to assist graduating students and alumni accomplish their career aspirations by providing guidance, resources and opportunities. The office works closely with various industries to continuously deliver an enhanced and updated career services.

School Clinic

School clinic is part of SACLI’s health services where simple emergency cases are promptly treated. It also provides health instruction and education for the improvement of the total school population. Yearly medical check-up is being done for all SACLI students.

School Canteen

Meals and snacks are available at the school canteen. Food services for meetings and other functions may also be availed.


The chapel is located near the Basic Education Department building. It serves to meet the spiritual and educational needs of students.

College Central Supplies Section (CCSS)

It is a place where school and office supplies, books and other items are available for sale. It also procures educational materials/supplies needed by the different departments.