Student Computer Labs

  • Each lab in the SACLI Student Computer Labs network is operated by the Management Information System (MIS) department. This structure exists to better serve the unique academic needs of the students within each area.

    As an individual unit, each Student Computer Lab may institute additional guidelines and procedures to define the use of its facilities.

    1. Admission into Student Computer Labs

    The Student Computer Labooratory

    • Are available for use by currently-enrolled SACLI students in support of their academic programs., beyond the utilization of the IT/Computer Subjects.
    • Require a valid SACLI ID for admission.
    • SACLI faculty/staff will be provided access to the Computer Laboratory on a space-available basis. Priority is given to students. A valid SACLI ID is required for admission into any Computer Lab.
    • SACLI departments, wishing to provide access to one of the Computer Labs for special events and/or groups they are sponsoring which involve non-SACLI students, must establish a contract with the Head of that department’s supporting Computer Lab through the Academic Committee to receive access to the Laboratory.
    • All others desiring the use of Computer Labs should direct requests to the head of the MIS

    2. Operating Hours

    Computer Labs’ operating hours are follows.

    • Student Computer Labs will be open on days that classes are in session.
    • Early closings and holiday hours will be posted at least one week in advance, whenever possible.
    • All exceptions to operating hours will be posted in the individual labs.

    3. Lab Reservations

    Reservations for orientations, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations.

    • In general, orientations, workshops, and demonstrations held in the Computer Labs are discouraged after the first half of the semester due to the high use of the labs by individual patrons.
    • Reservations will be granted at the discretion of the MIS Department, within the given guidelines
    • Faculty, staff members, teaching assistants and teaching fellows of a lab’s supporting college or school may make reservation requests for a Computer Lab area. Reservation requests by persons outside the supporting college or school will be considered at the discretion of the MIS Department. Students may only make reservations through a faculty member.
    • The main area of a Computer Lab, as designated by the MIS Department, may not be scheduled as the primary location or classroom for a semester-long class.
    • Reservations for Specialized Equipment
      • Reservations will be granted at the discretion of the MIS Department.

    4. Lab Employees

    • Each lab will have at least one employee on duty during hours of operation.
    • Lab employees are responsible for assisting patrons with gaining access to software, exiting, printing and saving.

    5. Hardware and Software Platforms

    • In consultation with Academic Council and individual college deans and Software Committees, determine and recommend minimum hardware and software platforms needed to serve curricular needs of students.
    • Each lab is encouraged at a minimum to employ hardware that is supported by MIS Department
    • Sufficient online documentation for available software will be accessible in each lab.
    • Efforts should be made to purchase new or upgrade existing equipment and software to state-of-the-art models and latest versions.
    • Computer Labs will provide access for one or more types of Removable Storage Media. However, access for a particular type of Removable Storage Media may be limited depending on a lab’s supported hardware or software.
    • Personal Software/Hardware: Labs will try to assist patrons in every way, however installation of personal hardware/software is not permitted.

    6. Working Environment

    All Student Computer Labs will provide a non-distracting atmosphere.

    • Cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices should be turned on silent or vibration mode before entering a Computer Lab. When answering or talking on a phone, patrons will be asked to step outside of the lab.
    • Lab employees are not able to repair or work on personal machines, i.e., laptops
    • Patrons may not unplug or disconnect SACLI equipment to provide personal computers with power, network connectivity, or other such resources.

    7. Virus Protection

    All Computer Labs will provide virus protection tools, installed on the Lab’s machines, to ensure the integrity of patrons’ data and to protect the Lab’s computer operating environments.

    8. Policy Abuse

    Lab Managers have the authority to restrict lab access from any patron who abuses the Student Computer Lab procedures.

    9. Abandoned Belongings

    Labs are not responsible for items left behind in the facility.

    10. Procedure for the Release of Student Information

    The purpose of these procedures is to ensure the privacy and safety of St Anne College Lucena Inc students and to provide a computing environment that supports student academic endeavors. As entities of the St Anne College Lucena Inc, the Student Computer Labs are required to follow the Computer Use Policy.

    13. Terms

    • Print Job: a document sent from the computer station to the printer.
    • User: a lab customer who is assigned to a computer workstation
    • Special Circumstances: Occasions which do not fit within the procedural guidelines.
    • Coursework: Studies assigned in the current semester course catalog.
    • Removable Storage Media: Devices that are easily inserted into and removed from a computer from which users can read and write data. Examples include floppy and Zip disks, compact discs and flash memory drives.
    • Lab or Labs: Throughout this document, the reference to Lab or Labs is strictly referring to the SACLI Student Computer Lab facilities.