• Program Overview:

    Bartending NC II is a technical-vocational program that develops the skills of students in the preparation and mixing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Students are taught the basics/characteristics of different alcoholic beverages, appropriate tools and glassware to be used, and how to serve drinks.

    Students are trained in different preparation and presentation techniques and methods based on industry standards. Procedures for proper cleaning of the bar area, bar operation, and wine services are also included in the program.

    Course Structure:

    The course structure for Bartending NC II is divided into four competencies:

    Basic Competencies (18 hours):

    • Participate in workplace communication
    • Work in a team environment
    • Practice career professionalism
    • Practice occupational health and safety procedure

    Common Competencies (18 hours):

    • Develop and update industry knowledge
    • Observe workplace hygiene procedures
    • Perform computer operations
    • Perform workplace and safety practices
    • Provide effective customer service

    Core Competencies (290 hours):

    • Cleaning bar areas
    • Operate bar
    • Preparing and mixing cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks
    • Providing basic wine services

    Electives (112 hours)

    • Prepare espresso
    • Texture milk
    • Prepare and serve coffee beverages

    Admission Requirements:

    Basic Requirements for this short TESDA course include:

    • Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
    • High School or College diploma
    • A certified true copy of the Transcript of records or form 137
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • 1×1 and/or 2×2 picture

    Course Duration:

    • Bartending NC II takes a minimum of 286 hours to complete

    Career Opportunities:

    Qualified graduates of Bartending NC II can apply for any of the following positions:

    • Busboy (Commis de Rang)
    • Bartender/Barista
    • Wine steward (Chef de Vin/Chef Sommelier)
    • Bar Porter

    Other important skills you may acquire:

    • Providing effective customer service
    • Operating the bar
    • Providing wine services
    • Practicing occupational health and  safety
    • Performing basic computer operations

    Competency Assessment and Certification

    Students enrolled in Bartending NC II course may be required to undergo a Competency Assessment before graduation. A national certificate (NC II) will be issued to students who passed this assessment.