BS Tourism Management

  • “The Home of Successful Local and International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”

    St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Tourism Management program prides itself on being a consistent champion in various Philippine Tourism Competitions. Because of our BSTM students’ exposure to local and international culminating activities and practicum, we are proud to be the “Home of Successful International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”.

    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Tourism Program?

    You can  be a part of the biggest names in the industry

    • We have produced global-ready graduates who are prospering in their careers and are now part of the biggest companies in the local and international tourism arena.

    Recipient of numerous regional and national tourism competitions

    • Our students are exposed to various competitions and were trained by our highly qualified mentors, bringing home pride to our institution.

    Well-equipped instructional facilities and laboratory

    • To enhance the instruction and enrich the competencies of the students, the BS Tourism Management program is equipped with built-in facilities which include stylish travel counter, pompous hot lounges, suite rooms, hot and cold kitchen (institutional type and the biggest facility in Region IV, food production units, coffee shop equipped with amenities and kitchen units, bar set-up, and demonstration and conference rooms.

    Industry-Based Curricula and Renowned Faculty and Mentors

    • We have an industry-based curriculum that is competently handled by highly qualified faculty with expertise in the field of tourism.

    Diverse Local and International Practicum

    • In terms of practicum and affiliation, students are sent overseas exposures such as Canada, Thailand, United States, Singapore, Jordan, and Australia.  In the Philippines, the practicum is held in deluxe and first-class hotels, Class A and Class B restaurants, Class AAA resorts and country clubs; and in-flight and cruise facilities.

    Access to local and international network of successful alumni and hospitality partners.

    • By studying at St. Anne College,  you will have an opportunity to join the local and, worldwide alumni network. You will be able to interact with fellow alumni and meet professionals and experts in the hospitality industry.