• Learning Continuity Plan

    St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. is one with the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)in addressing the challenges through the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP)

    The LCP is St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s major response and our commitment in ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our learners, teachers, and personnel in the time of COVID-19 to continue education amidst the crisis for this coming school year.

    These include key features on curriculum adjustments such as:

    • Alignment of learning materials
    • Various modalities of delivery


    We know that it’s more important than ever to focus on the students’ learning needs and access to quality education. With all these supports, our flexible learning modalities can offer MORE for our students’ educational needs during this time of uncertainties.

    Option 1. Online-Hybrid Learning Program (with Full Online Option) for Preschool to College

    A. Online Distance Learning

    This is a learning delivery mode where interaction takes place between the teacher and the students who are geographically remote from each other during instruction. This means lessons will be delivered outside the traditional face-to-face setup.

    Through our online distance learning approach, SACLI can still provide learning opportunities to students without requiring them to come to school.

    Online distance learning will be a major component of learning delivery for the incoming school year

    Two Types of Online Classes:
    1. Synchronous- real-time online classes
    2. Asynchronous-recorded online-classes/ online learning tasks without the real-time interaction

    B. Hybrid Learning Phase
    Once allowed by government’s safety directives and local risk assessment, SACLI will start its hybrid learning phase.

    • Hybrid learning is the combination of online classes and face-to-face classroom experience, strictly observing face-to-face classroom experience, strictly observing social distancing guidelines and safety protocols.
    • A class will be divided into two groups where each group will alternately experience online classes and the conventional classroom setting.
    • Once allowed by government’s safety directives and local risk assessment, SACLI will start its hybrid learning phase.

    Why Choose Online-Hybrid Learning Program?

    1. More than just an online class

    Our Learning Management System has an Augmented Reality (AR) feature that uses interactive digital elements such a—text, images, video clips, sounds, 3D models, and animations into the real-world environment to stimulate interest and discussion in different subject areas, resulting in better learning outcomes.

    2. More Teacher-Student Engagements

    As your child adjusts to “virtual classrooms, greater attention and academic support are needed. Our smaller class size allows our teachers to devote more time to your child.

    We will also provide plenty of tools—email, real-time online classrooms, and instant messaging that will enable our instructors and your child to quickly connect.

    3. More than Just Academic Opportunities

    We will engage your child in various extra-curricular activities to be conducted online, which is essential for your child’s social-emotional development.

    4. More Success in the Continuity of Education

    Because we maintain smaller class sizes, more attention is given to students. When more attention is given, a greater chance for our students to understand the lessons which are essential when they move to their next level of education.

    5. More Parental Involvement

    We will make it a priority to keep our parents involved through our weekly parent-teacher consultations, online social events, and parent-teacher association involvements.

    We will also conduct parent orientation sessions to clarify expectations and help you be more prepared with this new modality.

    6. More Personalized Conduct of Classes

    Our online classes don’t mean a “one-size-fits-all approach to our students. Instead, our teachers will guide your child in an individualized journey. Your child will get a learning plan and constant feedback on how he/she will learn be

    7. More Student Guidance and Student Support Services

    We will provide your child with more online student support services such as guidance counseling, joining school organizations, and other non-academic activities which will allow your child to enjoy social and leadership activities.

    8. More Opportunities to Interact With Peers 

    This will allow your child to communicate with peers, engage in student groups, see upcoming events, and engage in peer-to-peer discussions even when they are in their online class. This is also a good opportunity for your child to be engaged in an online community that supports a productive and satisfying online learning environment.

    Option 2. Connect-Homeschool Program for Pre-school to Junior High School

    We exist to be the best fit for your family, your partner, for your child’s education from home. Through our parent-coaches and personalized curriculum for your child, they will reach their fullest potential.

    Our primary purpose is to :

    • Integrate the parent’s teaching style to the child’s learning style and make sure that learning can place (any time, anywhere)
    • Design & develop relevant & personalized curriculum
    • Create a positive community for the families

    Why Choose SACLI-Connect Homeschool Program?

    1. More Individualized Learning

    Our program enables your child to learn and comprehend things at a speed that is best suited for him/her. With the collaboration of our full-time parent coaches,  we can provide the right kind of instruction that will help your child achieve his/her full potential.

    2. More Success for the Continuity of your Child’s Education

    SACLI Connect Homeschool is aligned with the DepEd Curriculum which assures that each student acquires the learning competencies required in his/ her particular grade level to move up to the next grade level at the end of the school year.

    3. More Engaging Coursebooks

    Our coursebooks are carefully designed to actively engage our dependent students in the learning process. This also supports the self-directed learning phase of our independent students.

    4. More Schedule Flexibility

    SACLI Connect Homeschool acknowledges that each family and child is different. Therefore, there is no set rule as to the specific time on when to do their assigned homeschool.

    Our busy and working partner parents’ homeschool schedule for their child can be adjusted according to their desired class hours/time for a particular day. Your child can also work according to a daily routine that satisfies both the needs of their education and their personal freedom. 

    5. More Convenience for your Child’s Study

    With the SACLI Connect Homeschool program, you don’t have to worry because our coursebooks and homeschool activities can be taken with you anywhere you go. Our coursebooks can be delivered to you via courier or can be picked up.

    As long as you and your child are on track and with our parent-coaches’ constant communication, you will have more flexibility in where and when you need to complete the learning tasks.

    6. More Extensive Consultation and Involvement with Parents

    Since we will be working closely with our partner-parents, expect that our parent-coaches will give you more extensive monitoring and consultations during your child’s homeschooling journey.

    We will provide a one-on-one weekly consultation which can be can be done via email, text message, and telephone/ mobile calls.

    7. More Collaborative Support with Fellow Connect-Homeschool Families

    Our program also fosters the connection of homeschooling families through a positive and supportive community with communal activities that can be shared and found online where parents could share stories, tips , and their homeschool experiences.

    8. More than Just Academic Learning

    Our students and homeschooling families will also be involved in various online fun activities that will allow your child to interact with their peers and classmates to promote social-emotional health.

    We will also provide your child with our popular activities and student personnel support services to be conducted online which can help develop his/her confidence and leadership skills.

    9. More Qualified Parent-Coaches

    SACLI Connect Homeschool program prides itself on having highly-qualified parent coaches that have many years of experience in teaching. These parent-coaches will guide you through in developing the learning plan that best works for your child. With their knowledge, mentoring skills, and experiences, you and your child are in good hands.

    10. More than Just a “Homeschool”

    With our SACLI-Connect Homeschool, we will provide our partner-parents with options that can best work for their homeschooling journey. We describe SACLI Connect Homeschool as an “enhanced modular modality” as our parent-coaches will guide you in providing flexibility and adjustments in delivering the most appropriate mode of learning to our students in terms of their available resources and internet connectivity.

    11. More Far-Reaching Area Coverage

    Our program can be experienced by parents and students even when located from different municipalities or provinces, as we extend farther than Lucena City.

    We offer this program to parents and outside Lucena City as we want to address the needs of our parents for their child’s continuity of learning at the comfort of their own homes during this covid19 crisis.