BS Criminology

  • “The Home of Outstanding Criminology Students”

    St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Criminology program prides itself on achieving a 100% passing rate for three consecutive years and was recognized as the BS Criminology school in Quezon province who achieved the highest board passing rate in the year 2018. 

    Our School of Criminal Justice Education (SCJE) is committed to providing a solid academic and training ground to our BSCrim students through various online activities and drills to equip our students with the skills needed to apply theoretical perspectives to practical applications.

    What is it like to be a student of BS Criminology at SACLI?

    Being a BS Criminology student is said to be one of the most exciting programs in college. Why is this the case? Let us all experience what it’s like to be a SACLI BS Criminology student.

    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Criminology program?

    Consistent in getting a high board passing rate

    • SACLI’s Criminology Department was recognized by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) when the first batch hurdled the board examination. SACLI’s first passer, Ms. Wilna A. Caiña, is now in the PNP. Another humble accomplishment is when the institution bagged a 100% passing rate in the April 7,8 & 9, 2010 board examination. From 2011 up to the present, SACLI consistently achieving the above PRC National Passing Rate.

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    Recipient of various criminology excellence awards

    • We are proud to be the homeschool of the PCAP’S OUTSTANDING CRIMINOLOGY STUDENT AWARD (sole recipient in Quezon) and on the National level; and for achieving the OVERALL RANK 1 Marksmanship Award and AFRC Commander’s Award year 2019.

    With complete instructional facilities and laboratories

    • Utilize techniques, skills, and modern forensic equipment necessary for criminology practice and examination of physical evidence. Demonstrate proficiency in the utilization of investigative techniques, skills, and tools to investigate and preserve physical evidence relating to the commission of a crime.

    Practicum opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field.

    • We are providing our criminology interns the opportunity to gain practical/hands-on experience in the field. Enhance the personality, confidence, mediation/negotiation, public relation/communication, and critical thinking skills of the Criminology Interns. Inculcate among the Criminology Interns the value of respect for the law and service to the community.
    •  Whereas the six areas focus on the Tri-Bureau’s as follows: Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and specialized units such as National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Crime Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and Highway Patrol Group (HPG).

    Community engagement exposure

    • The School of Criminal Justice Education (SCJE) is committed to extending its service to the community through Community and Extension Service and Outreach Programs highlighting the different areas of specialization, such as drug education, basic self-defense training, security awareness, health and emergency management, first aid and disaster preparedness training. SCJE is also committed to the different institutional community extension services such as Brigada Eskwela, tree planting, coastal clean-up drive, and mangrove nursery for seedling production and gift-giving activities.


    Community drills engagement

    • Our BS Criminology students are exposed to various community drills such as formation, crime scene simulation, gun safety handling, firearm familiarization, water survival, OPLAN Sandata on Sakuna , and many more.


    News & Updates

    Moyano Hailed as the Pride of Quezon and Outstanding Student of PNP-Academy

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    We are delighted to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our former SACLI alumna (batch 2016), Cdt 2C. Mary Louise M. Moyano for being named as one of the outstanding cadets and the pride of Quezon by the Philippine National Police Academy. This honor is the result of years of her dedication to excellence in the field of International Humanitarian Law.

    Read the full article through this link:

    *Ms. Moyano has been a consistent achiever throughout her time at SACLI, graduated as Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology degree in 2016.


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    Jefferson is a current Special Rescue Unit BFP-SRU Officer of Bureau of Fire Protection Regional Head Quarters R4-A. Before he got into his present career and was assigned to the regional headquarters, he used to work as Fire Officer 1 at the Bureau of Fire Protection- Jalajala Fire Station. He also became one of the Academic Instructors at St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. in 2014 where he taught PE subjects. Though he loves teaching, his passion for serving others made him decide to pursue a career in the government. This calling led him to undergo a series of training such as basic rescue training course, fire basic recruit course, and he even underwent training as an air force reservist for him to be qualified as a fireman.

    “St. Anne College became my stepping stone in achieving my dream. During my college days, I had experienced down in the bumps. These challenges had given me life learnings that molded me to become a professional and stronger person today. One of the most memorable experiences I had was when I became a Cadet Officer. Being a Cadet Officer has taught me modesty and kindness, embracing responsibilities, that humility can bring goodness within one person. And that in order to be respected, one must respect others. The training given to us as criminology students were almost similar to the degree of level of the training in the military. These made me a stronger person, mentally and physically. It molded my excellence into character. It had prepared me for life, by increasing my threshold towards stress and adversities. I also realized that learning is a continuous process. Many people once they passed any certification or attain a degree, would feel they have achieved the pinnacle of life. However, in reality, it is not. It is only a small part of the lifelong learning process.”


    “I could say that my stay in SACLI was really memorable and a good one. My professors always go the extra mile so students can acquire and learn the lessons very well. They did not only help us to be academically inclined, but they also instilled in us good morals and values which I believe is the greatest lessons of all”

    Jefferson’s advice to all the SACLIANS is to always find happiness in anything that they do. That in order to succeed, one must make a clear vision and make way through that dream with a strong and positive mindset.


    During her student days, it was her goal to excel with passion in everything she does. Even when she’s already working as a law enforcer, her dedication and work ethics in her profession were beyond words. In fact, she has received numerous and highest distinction awards such as Medalya ng Papuri (2020), Medalya ng Kasanayan (2019), and Medalya ng Kagalingan (2016 and 2019).

    “Despite these achievements, being excellent in all aspects of life is useless if not accompanied with passion because at the end of the day, it is not your knowledge alone that will benefit the people surrounding you; but with your acts of passion and kindness to render public service at all means, be it big or small,” she explained.

    Ms. Munar is also truly delighted that this profession has opened windows of equal chances for a female officer like her, who is also willing to take the challenges and risks in order to give future commendable public service that the people truly deserve.

    “SACLI imparted me the appropriate knowledge and skills needed in my chosen profession and has provided me the essential characteristics and core values that honed and prepared me to who I am today.”


    “ I chose BS Criminology because ever since I was young, I’ve always been wanted to become a policewoman. That’s why I enrolled in SACLI because I know that they provide quality education and they competent students and graduates.”

    She also shares that she is excited to meet new people as she enters this new chapter of her student life. And she hopes, together with her fellow SACLIans, she could be a role model who demonstrates confidence, leadership, and who can do good things who could inspire others.

    “I see myself 10 years from now wearing the PNP uniform and working for the government, helping in partnership in the community towards the accomplishment of a safer place to live, work, and do business”, she added.

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