Integrated Basic Education

  • St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s Integrated Basic Education program provides a dynamic learning environment for every student. Through our well-formed educators, relevant learning methods and delivery, and strong parent involvement, every SACLIAN child creates for themselves a developing learning environment that is geared towards a higher level of learning.

    As we reopen classes for this coming school year for Preschool to Junior High School, we underscore the importance of parents’ involvement and our instructors’ commitment to the learners’ education. Parents and learners can choose between the two learning modalities: (1) SACLI-Connect Homeschool and (2) SACLI Online- Hybrid Learning.

    We will be partnering closely with the parents and students and will guide them throughout their journey in their chosen modality to ensure that the learning goals are met and SACLIAN quality education is provided to the learner.

    Together, let’s look forward to a new school year filled with hope, fortitude, and academic success with our SACLI-Connect Homeschool and Online-Hybrid Learning Program.

    Our Programs:

    1. Preschool
    2. Elementary
    3. Junior High School
    4. Senior High School
    • Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
    • Home Economics (HE)
    • Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

    Our Learning Modalities

    Reduce uncertainties and maintain stability in your child’s educational experience through our quality learning modalities.

    Option 1: Connect-Homeschool Program (Preschool to Junior High School)

    Program Overview

    SACLI-Connect Homeschool is a program designed by St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. for their Kindergarten to Grade 10 students to receive quality education even from home through the partnership of the student’s homeschooling parent.

    Our Curriculum

    Our curriculum is accredited by DepEd that ensures that the student acquires the expected learning competencies for their grade level. Moreover, SACLI-CONNECT Homeschool’s curriculum advocates for blended learning. Blended learning enables a student to learn through face-to-face interactions, in this case, with the help of the homeschooling parent, and to learn through resources and activities online. Through SACLI- CONNECT Homeschool’s blended learning curriculum our students are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills for them to reach their fullest potential


    Our parent-coaches will serve as the homeschooling parent’s partner teacher. Through the partner teacher’s close guidance of the teaching of the homeschooling parent and the student, the quality of instruction and consequently, the quality of education can be assured. With SACLI-Connect Homeschool’s parent-coaches being hands-on with the homeschooling family, allows flexibility and personalization of approach for the child’s education.

    Option 2: Online-Hybrid Learning Program (Preschool to Senior High School)

    Program Overview

    Through our Online-Hybrid Learning program, your child will receive quality through ONLINE CLASSES using a synchronous and asynchronous approach.

    • Synchronous–real-time online classes
    • Asynchronous–recorded online-classes/ online learning tasks without the real-time interaction

    Once allowed by government’s safety directives and local risk assessment, SACLI will start its hybrid learning phase.

    Understanding Hybrid Learning

    Hybrid learning is the combination of online classes and face-to-face classroom experience, strictly observing face-to-face classroom experience, strictly observing social distancing guidelines, and safety protocols.

    A class will be divided into two groups where each group will alternately experience online classes and the conventional classroom setting.

    Learning Management System

    In SACLI’s new normal, we ensure the quality of our online classes through an automized, adaptive, and personalized competency-based learning management system.

    The features of the learning management includes:

    • Diverse ways and gamification of learning evaluations
    • Electronic gradebook
    • Collaboration and networking between teachers and students through our students’ Student Portal account.

    Student Services

    SACLI, in its commitment to the students’ holistic development, shall conduct online popular activities and programs, under the Student Services including, but not limited to:

    • Leadership training services webinars
    • Break Free (online alternative class with a difference)
    • Online students’ orientation
    • Online recognition rites for academic and non-academic achievers
    • Student vlogs and other online competitions

    *Learn more about these learning modalities through this link: