Dentistry (Doctor in Dental Medicine)

“The First and Only Dentistry School in Quezon Province”

Our  Dentistry program prides itself on having highly qualified faculty members who are affiliated with the TOP dentistry schools in Manila.

For being the PIONEER and the ONLY school that offers DENTISTRY Program in Quezon Province, our Dentistry programs students can surely receive a quality education without the need to study in Manila.

Why Choose St. Anne College Lucea, Inc.’s Dentistry Program?

Highly-qualified faculty members who are affiliated with the TOP dentistry schools in Manila

  • The roster is filled with dedicated and highly-qualified faculty members who in the vanguard of ensuring and maintaining the Manila-quality education of the program.

A well-equipped dental laboratory

  • To provide the highest level of quality procedures and applications for  our dentistry students, we have a fully-equipped dental lab where our clinical instructors work closely with our student to develop and mentor them with the proper dental procedures and practices.

Exposure in community services

  • Our College of Dentistry include community service in their mission statements and often have partnerships within our communities to provide free oral health care to underserved residents of our community.

Series of Webinars and Lectures from Known Experts in the Global Industry

  • Our Dentistry program provides our students with various webinars from local to global speakers about the scientific foundations to prepare our dentistry students for entry into the clinical training environment.
  • Other seminars consist of online lectures, discussion board activities, assigned readings, and interactive activities centering on understanding health disparities and access to care issues as they relate to patient-centered care, and many more.

Our College of Dentistry Champs in the PDA’s Infomercial Contest 2023

  • Our College of Dentistry StuDENTISTas once again proved their creativity and talent by being named this year’s CHAMPION in the Interschool Infomercial Contest (NATIONAL LEVEL), beating out other renowned dentistry schools in the country.


What Alumni are Saying?

“St. Anne college Lucena, Inc. prepared me for my career right now by building my strength, confidence, and my knowledge to face different circumstances. Whether i failed or succeed, there will always be a lesson to step things up.”

Ms. Eizhelle De Guia

BSHRM Batch 2014-An International Flight Attendant

"SACLI open its doors for me. I was chosen as one of the students to compete in national and international competitions for years. And god is good, he did not just give me an opportunity he also gave the achievements that i myself couldn’t even imagine. He used st. Anne college lucena, inc. Especially our instructors, professors, and mentors as tools in achieving my dreams."

Mr. Luisito A. Cudanin, Jr.

BSHRM Batch 2012- The Pastry Chef

“Being a student assistant, SACLI has been my home for six years. The experiences of being a working student helped me develop as a person– emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It taught me resiliency and helped me deal well with any stress. Sacli has been my training ground, which prepared me in today’s real-life challenges.”

Anna Joy Gonzales

BS Accountancy Batch 2016–“The Most Reliable JPIAN“