Dentistry (Doctor of Dental Medicine)

  • “The First and Only Dentistry School in Quezon Province”

    St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s Dentistry program prides itself on having highly qualified faculty members who are affiliated with the TOP dentistry schools in Manila.

    For being the PIONEER and the ONLY school that offers DENTISTRY Program in Quezon Province, our Dentistry programs students can surely receive a quality education without the need to study in Manila.

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    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucea, Inc.’s Dentistry Program?

    Highly-qualified faculty members who are affiliated with the TOP dentistry schools in Manila

    • The roster is filled with dedicated and highly-qualified faculty members who in the vanguard of ensuring and maintaining the Manila-quality education of the program.

    A well-equipped dental laboratory

    • To provide the highest level of quality procedures and applications for  our dentistry students, we have a fully-equipped dental lab where our clinical instructors work closely with our student to develop and mentor them with the proper dental procedures and practices.


    Exposure in community services

    • Our College of Dentistry include community service in their mission statements and often have partnerships within our communities to provide free oral health care to underserved residents of our community.

    Series of Webinars and Lectures from Known Experts in the Global Industry

    Our Dentistry program provides our students with various webinars from local to global speakers about the scientific foundations to prepare our dentistry students for entry into the clinical training environment. 

    Other seminars consist of online lectures, discussion board activities, assigned readings, and interactive activities centering on understanding health disparities and access to care issues as they relate to patient-centered care, and many more.

    2nd Prize Winner (Overall) and Best in Social Media Campaign during the World Oral Health Day Virtual Awarding Ceremony, March 20, 2021 via Zoom

    The said competition was spearheaded by the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and was participated by various schools nationwide. Be Proud of Your Mouth for World Oral Health Day 2021 is celebrated every year which aims to empower people with the tools and acknowledge to prevent and control oral diseases.


    What’s Up?

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    The student leaders from the College of Dentistry attended a recent leadership workshop organized by the International College of Dentists Philippine Section Inc on August 28, 20222. Other top dental institutions in the country also took part in the training. ☺️

    Congratulations to our very own, Dr. Sheila Cobcobo and Dr. Johnny Porcincula of College of Dentistry for holding a new and challenging position in their respective associations. We wish you the best of luck as you embark this new role. We are proud of you!

    SACLI DMD Students Participate in the International Dental E-Quiz

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    Congratulations to our SACLI Studentista who bagged the Quarter Finalist in the recently concluded International Dental E-Quiz

    Organized by the International Islamic University Malaysia in Collaboration with Universitas Indonesia with the theme: “Connecting Dentistry Across the Globe”.


    Recognition of the First Batch of SACLI Dental Clinicians

    Our huge congratulations to our 1st batch of SACLI Dental Clinicians! Congratulations also to the SACLI College of Dentistry for the success of the Virtual White Coat Ceremony which was held last October 18, 2021.

    The White Coat Ceremony is a significant event and a traditional rite of passage into the healthcare profession. The ceremony symbolizes the commitment of future practitioners to professionalism, ethical practice, and service to the community.


    Leadership Training and Team Building 2021: Transforming the Future Dentist Through Technology

    The SACLI College of Dentistry successfully held its Virtual Leadership Training & Team Building: “Transforming Future Dentists through Technology”, last Oct. 11, 2021, via ZOOM, with Dr. Jose Angelo Militante, President of Philippine Dental Association (PDA) as their Guest Speaker.

    Thank you to all the Dentistry Student Leaders who participated and exerted effort on the said team building, and congratulations to the winning group (GROUP 1) for their excellent performance


    SACLI Dentistry Students Pay Tribute to their Professors on Teachers Day Celebration

    “Happy Teachers Day! Teachers like you are the reason why ordinary students like us dream of doing extraordinary things.”



    Winona always dreams to be a healthcare provider someday. She aims to grow and become a better version of herself and she believes that having a good mindset is an important factor in achieving her goals.

    “I would be lying if I say the good income of being a dentist was not one of my reasons, but on top of that, I had always wanted to be involved in a profession where I can help other people. Dentists are amazing and I would love to be one of them in the future”, she says.

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    She also shares how excited she is about learning new things, and she is looking forward to having an amazing school year with all the amazing people at SACLI.

    “SACLI is the nearest school for me that offers a Dentistry program. But aside from that, I chose SACLI as my partner school for my college education because I believe that this school will help me build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for myself. I am so glad I decided to study at SACLI”, she happily shares.

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