School of Management for International Hospitality and Tourism

BS Hospitality Management & BS Tourism Management

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s School of Management for International Hospitality and Tourism (SMIHT) is recognized as one of the BEST schools not only here in Quezon province but also in the country. Our BS Hospitality program is known for being the “Home of the Winning Connoisseurs” by conquering many prestigious local and international competitions. Our BS Tourism Management program is PACUCOA Accredited and known as the “Home of Successful International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”.

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BS Hospitality Management

“The Home of Winning Connoisseurs”

The BS Hospitality Management (formerly BS Hotel and Restaurant Management) has become the flag bearer of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. For being the recipient of the Plaque of Recognition from the Provincial Council of Quezon for bringing honors and prestige to the province of Quezon.

By taking our BS Hospitality Management program, you can discover an extraordinary learning adventure through local and international immersion programs, powered by strong industry linkages. At present, the majority of our graduates are engaged in hotels, restaurants, world cruises, academe, and are successful entrepreneurs.

BS Tourism Management

“The Home of Successful Local and International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”

Our BS Tourism Management program prides itself on being a consistent champion in various Philippine Tourism Competitions. Because of our students’ exposure to local and international culminating activities and practicum, we are proud to be regarded as the “Home of Successful International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”.

Why Choose our BS Hospitality Management/ BS Tourism Management Program?

You will be a proud student of a world-class BS Hospitality Management program.We take pride in being the recipient of numerous local, regional, national, international competitions for two decades.

You will be prepared for a career that allows you to be a successful entrepreneur, travel, and work around the world. By successfully completing our BS Hospitality Management program, your new skill set and practical experiences will allow you to establish your own business, launch your international career and achieve excellence.

Access to local and international network of successful alumni and hospitality partners. Connections are essential in any industry, especially in the hospitality industry. You will have the opportunity to join the local and international alumni networks through this program. You will get the opportunity to engage with other alumni as well as meet professionals and experts in the hospitality industry.

Diverse Local and International Practicum Programs. In terms of practicum and affiliation, students are sent overseas exposures such as Canada, Thailand, United States, Singapore, Jordan, and Australia. In the Philippines, the practicum is held in deluxe and first-class hotels, Class A and Class B restaurants, Class Aresorts and country clubs; and in-flight and cruise facilities.

Well-equipped Instructional Facilities and Laboratories. To enhance the instruction and enrich the competencies of the students, our BS Hospitality Management program is equipped with built-in facilities which include stylish travel counter, pompous hot lounges, suite rooms, hot and cold kitchen (institutional type and the biggest facility in Region IV, food production units, coffee shop equipped with amenities and kitchen units, bar set-up, and demonstration and conference rooms.

Industry-Based Curricula and Renowned Faculty and Mentors. Our industry-based curricula are competently handled by highly qualified faculty with expertise in the fields of tourism, HRM, and Culinary Arts; and active members of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP), Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines (COHREP), Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines (TEAM Philippines), Union of Filipino Tourism Educators (UFTE) ad other prestigious educational and professional associations.