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  •  St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. is gearing up with its endeavor of producing globally competitive nursing graduates by exposing them to intensive clinical experience and nursing practicum in different areas such as pediatric unit, non-intensive and intensive care units (NICU and ICU), delivery room (DR), and operating room.

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    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena’s BS Nursing Program?

    100% % Passing Rate in the July 2021 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE)

    With two base hospitals as training grounds

    • St. Anne College Lucena is proud two have its two (2) sister companies—the St. Anne General Hospital in Lucena and Greg Hospital in Sariaya as base hospitals of the healthcare programs.

    Intensive clinical exposures of students

    • The students are closely monitored by the highly competent clinical instructors —all possessing a Master’s Degree and are affiliated with various healthcare industries. Because of this, nursing students are equipped with the knowledge and skills of novice professional nurse.

    Patient-centric approach mentored by pioneer and clinical instructors

    • Our future nurses are trained and provided with the delivery of specific education and support patients’ need to make these decisions and participate in their own care.

    Global ready graduates

    • We have produced nursing  graduates who are fully prepared for clinical practice and preparedness for the realities of practice in today’s complex healthcare system.  

    Well-Equipped Nursing Laboratories

    • Our nursing laboratory is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding, and develop skills in techniques of nursing procedures and practice them in clinical settings. For which we have a well-equipped lab with complete beds and mannequins for performing and practice of various nursing procedures.

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    Buela, Escobal Topped Hemodialysis Training for Nurses by Aesculep Academy – BBraun Philippines


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    Congratulations to our BS Nursing alumni on their Top Level Performance during the Hemodialysis Training for Nurses by Aesculep Academy – BBraun Philippines

    Your SACLI Family is proud of you!

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    John Kenneth De Torres, a BS Nursing alumnus, is known as the “Pride Prince” of St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s College of Nursing. In 2010, he received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. During his college years, he competed in pageants such as Mr. NSTP 2007 and Mr.& Ms. St. Anne 2009. Because of his charm, determination, and positivity, he became a successful nursing professional working abroad. Kenneth is currently affiliated with Mediclinic in Middle East Dubai, UAE, and is recognized as one of the organization’s most outstanding and admired nurses.


    What inspires him to excel in his profession?
    “Motivation always comes from home. I think the family should be the best for me to be inspired to everything I will do. And for all aspiring nurses, one thing I can advise is “Focus on your goal” keep in mind all the advice the SACLI’S mentors imparted to you and claim for success in your profession.”, he shares.

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    Sleepless nights, vital signs, and patient care. That’s what quickly comes to mind about being a nurse. But being a nurse is so much more. It means compassion and patience, empathy and sensitivity. So what made our BS Nursing alumna of Batch 2008 and newly-registered nurse, Ms. Rona M. Inofre pursue the nursing profession?

    “I like nursing because it’s a profession that never stops giving. You learn new things every day, and the opportunity for growth is almost unlimited. I feel so good inside when I see improvement in my patients and also when giving emotional support by holding hands with family members who have just experienced tragedy. Actually, it gives me an inner peace that I was able to help somebody”

    Even though it took her over 10 years before she decided to take her board exam, she said that it’s all worth the wait and it feels so surreal being one of the passers of the said licensure exam.

    Rona is also one of our covid heroes who serves the community in this pandemic. “I chose and will always choose to dedicate myself for others and I will never get tired of battling this virus together with my fellow nurses.”, she said.


    “When I saw my name on the list of passers, I could not contain my happiness. I was overjoyed. I cried with my family– and we were screaming, jumping, and laughing like crazy. The feeling was indescribable. It was an answered prayer and I couldn’t thank God enough.”This is Ms. Lady Angelita “LA” Ticzon (our newly-registered nurse) felt when she learned that she passed the July 2021 Nurse Licensure Examination. Currently, she is working as a Nurse 1 in one of the known hospitals in Quezon.

    To become a nurse was her calling from her innate desire to care for people in times of need. Growing up, she wanted to become a doctor. But some uncontrolled situations hindered her in fulfilling her childhood aspiration. “Although I did not become a doctor, at least I am close to the same field that I wanted and I can still fulfill my desire of helping the sick and needy”, LA shares.

    So what led her to become a nurse?“I first inquired in St. Anne way back in 2014 to finish nursing but they persuaded me to enroll in midwifery first. Luckily, I listened to them. I remembered it was ma’am Dally Caponpon (one of my mentors) who persuaded me. She became an inspiration to me. I was telling myself someday I too will have that title at the end of my name—RM RN.

    It was 2015 when I passed the midwifery board exam and now I was also able to fulfill one of my goals which is to pass the nursing board exam. I am grateful for all my mentors who helped me in this journey. To Ma’am Jessica Areja, Ma’am Rose De Guzman, and Ma’am Luz Porte who were very supportive, understanding, and patient to me and for giving me considerations when I was a working student. St. Anne helped me where I am today.”LA also shared that she was focused during her review days as her preparation for the licensure exam. She also enrolled in a nursing review center but she still made her study plan and focused on areas that she is not familiar with.


    Meet Michael Emman Dasco Orbe, a humble man with gigantic grit. He’s a graduate of BS Nursing, Batch 2008 and he’s been holding the lamp of Florence Nightingale for more than 12 years now. And just recently, he happily shared one of his biggest milestones of being a registered nurse in Germany. Never before have foreign applicants, especially a Filipino like him had such good chances of living and working legally in Germany as a nurse – and of creating long-term prospects in a well-paid job. But because of Michael’s versatility, good communication skills, and high standard of professionalism, no wonder he was able to achieve his dream.

    “To all the SACLIAN future nurses, NEVER WAIVED YOUR DREAMS! This is how I started my journey. I don’t have everything but by the Grace of the Lord and by the humbleness of my heart, I was able to fulfill this humble achievement. In addition, If you don’t have anything, just act as if you owned everything,” his advice for the BSN Nurses.


    “I’m Sheryl Vilar Tolopia, a holder of Professional Nurse license both in the Philippines and in Saudi Arabia. A graduate of SACLI batch 2008. “I can still remember vividly my experiences as a SACLI student, juggling my schedule from hospital exposure to school lectures, from reviewing my prepared case studies to written examinations. And those hard work have paid off when I was given the license to practice professionally. Those things I’ve learned in school are being applied today in my profession”

    “The people that I have met every day back then, their stories inspired me. Those exposures to far-flung areas kept me grounded. But most motivations came from my parents. Being a student was hard, but being a provider to a nursing student was tougher. And I promised myself that soon enough I will be able to return the favor to them.”

    At the beginning of every semester, our Clinical Instructors always remind us with K-S-A, which stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. These three words became my shield. They have always been a reminder that these three words go hand-in-hand. And every nurse produced by SACLI knows how important these three words are


    Nursing is a career that allows you to save lives, offer happiness to individuals and their families, and provide comfort to those who are in need. While caring for patients who are battling for their lives can be a difficult experience, nurses nevertheless report a high degree of job satisfaction. No wonder why Ms. Divine Grace Moscoso, our freshman BS Nursing student, chose this program.

    Her family and friends would describe her as a sweet and one-call-away type of person. She’s known for putting a lot of effort in order to attain her goals. She always gives her all in any situation.

    “My ambition has always been to become a nurse. I’m certain that nursing is the right career for me. My ambition is to train as a patient server. I am a friendly person who enjoys assisting others. I was inspired by my relatives who graduated from medical and nursing schools, as well as how hard they worked and how dedicated they were to achieving their goals of becoming doctors and nurses. I’ve seen how dedicated they are to their profession, and it has inspired me to work hard and stay focused on what I’m doing so that one day I can make my dreams come true,” she shares.

    She also mention that she chose SACLI over other schools because it is a prestigious school with open grounds and excellent facilities. The school also provides high-quality education, has well-trained and excellent teachers, and produces well-rounded students.

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    For Sheenalyn, she considers the nursing program a challenging one not only because of the late-night studies but also of the complex nature of the program.

    “The lessons and practical applications imparted by our highly-competent professors taught us how to help to save lives, bring happiness to individuals and their families, and give care and comfort to those in need,” she exclaimed. Her good academic standing, natural leadership skills, knowledge, and appreciation in the nursing program are the key traits why SACLI has chosen her as the ambassador of the BS Nursing program.

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    “Being a BSN ambassador helped me enhance my confidence and personality. I am overwhelmed yet challenged at the same time for I am not only representing the program but the whole campus as well. This opportunity has transformed me to be a good communicator and a more sociable person. I believe that this experience will also help me become a better leader someday. I had fun working together with my co-ambassadors and I will always cherish this joyful and once in a lifetime experience.”Sheena hopes to become a registered nurse someday and to eventually pursue a doctoral degree with the guidance of her family and the Almighty God.