Vibrant Student Life

The vibrant student life in our campus offers a myriad of opportunities to help students develop both leadership and team player qualities. Students can also gain more real-world experience by being actively involved in various student activities, innovative pursuits, and participation in volunteer works.

A Safe , Secure, and Welcoming School Environment

Safety and security are necessary to support the academic success of each of our student, giving them the opportunity to learn and achieve a safe and nurturing environment. Our aspects of a safe school environment include:

  • Good anti-bullying policy that is practiced
  • School leadership (administrative) that supports staff, students and parent
  • Community/parental involvement
  • A safety/emergency preparedness plan in place
  • Early identification and intervention for students at risk

Caring and Supportive Teachers/ Faculty Members

We provide positive teacher-student relationships which can lead to increased cooperation and engagement of our students in the classroom; which also contribute to a welcoming, inclusive school climate that promotes equity, social and emotional learning, and improved student outcomes.


Quality and Affordable Education

Here at St. Anne, students receive an excellent Manila- quality education for an affordable tuition fee and flexible payment terms.