BS Civil Engineering

“Shapers of the Modern Society”

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) program is a four-year program designed to teach students the  the fundamental scientific and mathematical tools used in engineering.

Our BSCE program covers two of the essential fields of civil engineering: structural engineering and construction engineering and management.

A. Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a sub-discipline of civil engineering that focuses on the structural design of man-made structures. Often referred to as the “muscles and bones” of structures, these engineers must comprehend the rigidity, stability, and tensile strength of both building and non-building structures. This includes factors such as load and earthquake susceptibility.

B. Construction Engineering

Construction engineering involves the planning, coordination, and execution of all phases of building construction projects, including design, architecture, engineering, and construction of a variety of projects, including homes, commercial buildings, roads, highways, bridges, and railroads.

Why Choose our BS Engineering Program?
International Practicum Opportunities

  • Our engineering student- interns can live an exciting life. With our international practicum opportunities, our students can get to experience the life of an international intern.

Well-equipped engineering laboratory

  • Our engineering programs emphasize the significance of exposing students to our well-equipped engineering laboratories and actual engineering environment, under the guidance of our faculty who are skilled engineers by profession. These provide our students with the necessary relevant competencies and solid foundational skills for their chosen field.Competent faculty members who are also experts in the engineering field

Vibrant student life

  • Through their classes, activities, and organizations, our engineering students are fully engaged in the SACLI community. Our engineering students have a vibrant campus life, with everything from student services to course electives to networking events.


What Alumni are Saying?

“SACLI gave me a second home where I enjoyed and valued my time. Staying in SACLI for five years with all of my classmates was one of my memorable moments even though we were just few that time for we were the pioneer- but we still made the most out of it. Being a Civil Engineering student was not easy. With all those challenges that kept me reminded not only to work harder but also to dream more and become more.”

Ms. Maria Danica Apolinario

BS Civil Engineering Batch 2017

“I am grateful to all of my professors for passing on their knowledge and skills to me.” They not only taught me the theories and information in the book, but also the abilities and critical thinking skills that I can now implement in my current profession.”

Mr. Nickson T. Ramos

BS Civil Engineering Batch 2018

“SACLI shaped me into the person I am today.” Do you know that I studied in St. Anne from the fourth grade until I finished as an Industrial Engineer? It has already become my second home. SACLI assisted me in developing my personality and capabilities. I want to thank all of the teachers at SACLI who trained and prepared us well during our school days, especially Engr. Lynnevel Amparo, our mentor who also became our second mother.”

Ms. Janelle Angelica P. Rejano

BS Industrial Engineering Batch 2017