BS Business Administration

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Business Administration students are trained to be competent with the challenges of the modern and diverse corporate settings and to become successful and innovative entrepreneurs through the program’s emphasis on personalized instructions, simulations, seminars, and practical exposures.

Moreover, the program aims to produce a new breed of future ethical business professionals with skills in marketing and business research, problem analysis, decision-making, and consensus-building.

Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Business Administration Program?

Personalized mentoring

  • Our BSBA program students will be trained to be more creative and to develop good leadership skills with sound professionalism through its personalized mentoring of the faculty members.

A curriculum with a practical approach

  • We give our students more than a traditional or theoretical-based curriculum. We promote real-world experience by incorporating practical elements, such as live business challenges, simulations, and projects with employers.
    These are the faculty members’ ways of preparing the students on how to be effective and competitive business professionals someday. These exposures will surely help our BS Business Administration students rise above everyone else.

International practicum opportunities

  • This can be your stepping stone and will give you a chance to build up valuable skills that you will later use as a professional. You will gain a number of soft skills such as researching, good communication skills that you need when working at a given department in an organization, and build up hard skills that are closely related to your major.

Development of soft skills

  • Our program promotes extracurricular and networking opportunities that We believe that business courses are not merely classroom courses; thus,  we promote social and professional interaction outside classrooms, with fellow students, market representatives, networks, and recruiters.


What Alumni are Saying?

“St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. served as my strong foundation as it equipped me with essential business skills, knowledge, and work ethics. SACLI also helped me to think strategically to be more prepared for the challenges that may come, especially during unforeseen circumstance”

Mr. Janssen M. Quinto

BS Business Administration Batch 2013

“ SACLI prepared me for my career in a way that they imparted me with so much knowledge. With the help and guidance of all the teachers, it made possible. They enlightened me how the corporate world goes. The on point advise from the professors in a sense on how to deal with others in a right manner. And of course, the institution’s core values which handed and applied in every situation.”

Mr. Aldwin Tabi

BS Business Administration Batch 2017

“My journey from my student years at SACLI to where I am now is a mix of white and black, cheers and tears, and the two polar opposite poles of what is good and bad.” Life at SACLI, like life in the actual world, is not free. To get that diploma, you must put forth your finest effort during your four-year stay. My daily and monthly routine consisted of homework, projects, school events, recitations, quizzes, exams, athletics, beauty pageants, practicum, thesis, and other curricular activities. As you can see, acclaim and marks do not come easily; they must be earned. That’s how it worked when I was younger, and I believe it still does.”

Mareccriz Querubin-Arellano

BS Business Administration Batch 2013