BS Business Administration

  • “Educating Leaders for Business and Society”

    St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Business Administration students are trained to be competent with the challenges of the modern and diverse corporate settings and to become successful and innovative entrepreneurs through the program’s emphasis on personalized instructions, simulations, seminars, and practical exposures. Moreover, the program aims to produce a new breed of future ethical business professionals with skills in scientific research, problem analysis, decision-making, and consensus-building.

    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Business Administration Program?

    Personalized mentoring

    • Our BSBA program students will be trained to be more creative and to develop good leadership skills with sound professionalism through its personalized mentoring of the faculty members.

    A curriculum with a practical approach

    • We give our students more than a traditional or theoretical-based curriculum. We promote real-world experience by incorporating practical elements, such as live business challenges, simulations, and projects with employers.
    • These are the faculty members’ ways of preparing the students on how to be effective and competitive business professionals someday. These exposures will surely help our BS Business Administration students rise above everyone else.

    Recipients of various academic competitions:

    • 100% Passing Rate- NC III (Bookkeeping) Student (under TESDA program); first in Quezon province where students garnered perfect score for two consecutive years
    • Champion: Tax Quiz Bee 2016 (BIR-Quezon District)

    International practicum opportunities

    • This can be your stepping stone and will give you a chance to build up valuable skills that you will later use as a professional. You will gain a number of soft skills such as researching, good communication skills that you need when working at a given department in an organization, and build up hard skills that are closely related to your major.

    Development of soft skills

    • Our program promotes extracurricular and networking opportunities that We believe that business courses are not merely classroom courses; thus,  we promote social and professional interaction outside classrooms, with fellow students, market representatives, networks, and recruiters.