AB Communication

St. College Lucena Inc.’s AB Communication program continuously offers and engages our students with the dynamic landscape of modern communication through our interdisciplinary curriculum and highly qualified faculty members. With the personalized approach in their learning, students develop their creativity and competent skills which are essential in pursuing their career in multimedia, digital video production, journalism, and many more.

Why Choose St. Anne College Inc.’s AB Communication program?

  • 2nd Place Jingle Making Contest (2019)-Animated Infomercial Consumerism Awareness Month (DTI Region 1v-A)
  • 3rd Place (2019)–Animated Infomercial Consumerism Awareness Month (DTI Region 1v-A)
  • Champion (2018)–Animated Infomercial Consumerism Awareness Month (DTI Region 1V-A)
  • 2nd Runner-Up (2018) Short Film Making Contest- Consumerism Awareness Month (DTI Region 1V-A)
  • First Runner-Up (2017)–Animated Infomercial Consumerism Awareness Month (DTI Region 1V-A)
  • Grand Winner (2016) -Animated Infomercial Consumerism Awareness Month (DTI Region 1V-A)
  • Grand Winner (2016) -MTV/ AVP Contest “Official Lucena City Hym

Your creativity and ideas will be developed through our exciting practical applications and student activities.

  • A broad field like communication offers an enormous range of exciting student activities which are all built on the bedrock of creativity. You will find your student journey vibrant and interesting while learning the real-life industry careers through exposures to various practical applications.

You’ll be prepared to work with emerging technologies.

  • The communication industry has always been an early adopter of new technologies. Journalists and marketers are among the earliest adopters of new media technology, making communication the ideal major for tech-hungry students.


What Alumni are Saying?

“Before enrolling to SACLI, even my mom will not, even in faintest of her imaginations, believe that I can achieve what I am achieving now because of my lack of interest in schooling. But the challenges in this school made me who I am today. More than the education, it is the experience that taught me valuable lessons.”

Mr. Delcon Anthony D. Bañares

AB Communication Batch 2018

“I have learned and experienced so much during my time at SACLI over the years, and I am very involved in extracurricular activities, particularly dancing, for which I have been a Varsity in Dance Sports for four years. When I first started attending college, I kept an eye on how things were done on campus, and as time went on, I began to acquire good SACLIAN qualities. Even though I’ve never been particularly academically gifted, I’m honored that SACLI has recognized me with the Conquering Hero Award, Student Arts Hero Award, and Student Service Hero Awards. To me, these things were precious. Thanks to the memories I enjoyed with SACLI, I have everything I have today”

Mr. Andwin Keo A. Alpuerto

AB COMM Batch 2017

“Those years I had with SACLI made me, broke me, but most importantly, fixed my vision in life. If I am to be honest, SACLI was never in my plans but being a SACLIAN was one of the best unplanned things in my life as they say, unplanned things usually and surprisingly end up the best.”

Cattleya Nadeline Cordero

AB COMM - Batch 2017