BS Accountancy, BS Business Administration, BS Information Technology & BS Management Accounting

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s School of Business , Accountancy, and Technology (SBAT) is highly committed to personalized instructions to students and trains them to adapt to the complexities of the business world, financial innovations, and technological advancements.

Reinforced with practical exposures through its practicum program and industry linkages, our students will be equipped with solid and relevant knowledge in the field of business administration, accountancy, and information technology.

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BS Accountancy

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Accountancy program prepares students for a career in Accounting and related fields and makes them ready to effectively deal with the challenges they will face as professional accountants, researchers, and responsible citizens.

 Our  program maintains small class sizes to provide students with more personalized mentoring and optimal learning. Our  students are equipped with a solid foundation in accounting and analytical skills through relevant seminars, mock tests, and a series of training and review sessionsguided by our faculty members who are experts in their field.

BS Business Administration

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Business Administration students are trained to be competent with the challenges of the modern and diverse corporate settings and to become successful and innovative entrepreneurs through the program’s emphasis on personalized instructions, simulations, seminars, and practical exposures.

 Moreover, the program aims to produce a new breed of future ethical business professionals with skills in marketing and business research, problem analysis, decision-making, and consensus-building.

BS Information Technology

St. Anne College Lucena, Inc.’s BS Information Technology students are trained with the applications of various flexible and innovative projects such as robotics, mobile computing, system development and analysis, computer programming, web development, and so much more. With these, our BSIT program graduates are ready to take on the challenges at the forefront of technological change.

BS Management Accounting

The BSMA program professionally trains students and prepares them to become highly competent practitioners of accountancy serving their constituents and those in allied professions while demonstrating high ethical and moral standards and the utmost in technical competence.

 Unlike BS in Accountancy that has a CPA board exam and BS in Accounting Technology that has a CAT exam, there is no licensure exam that specifically covers lessons in Management Accounting.

 Graduates of this program can pursue careers in the finance departments of banks, corporations, and financial institutions.