BS Tourism Management

  • “The Home of Successful Local and International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”

    St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Tourism Management program prides itself on being a consistent champion in various Philippine Tourism Competitions. Because of our BSTM students’ exposure to local and international culminating activities and practicum, we are proud to be the “Home of Successful International Flight Attendants and Travel and Tour Operators”.

    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena, Inc’s BS Tourism Program?

    You can  be a part of the biggest names in the industry

    • We have produced global-ready graduates who are prospering in their careers and are now part of the biggest companies in the local and international tourism arena.

    Recipient of numerous regional and national tourism competitions

    • Our students are exposed to various competitions and were trained by our highly qualified mentors, bringing home pride to our institution.

    Well-equipped instructional facilities and laboratory

    • To enhance the instruction and enrich the competencies of the students, the BS Tourism Management program is equipped with built-in facilities which include stylish travel counter, pompous hot lounges, suite rooms, hot and cold kitchen (institutional type and the biggest facility in Region IV, food production units, coffee shop equipped with amenities and kitchen units, bar set-up, and demonstration and conference rooms.

    Industry-Based Curricula and Renowned Faculty and Mentors

    • We have an industry-based curriculum that is competently handled by highly qualified faculty with expertise in the field of tourism.

    Diverse Local and International Practicum

    • In terms of practicum and affiliation, students are sent overseas exposures such as Canada, Thailand, United States, Singapore, Jordan, and Australia.  In the Philippines, the practicum is held in deluxe and first-class hotels, Class A and Class B restaurants, Class AAA resorts and country clubs; and in-flight and cruise facilities.

    Access to the local and international network of successful alumni and hospitality partners.

    • By studying at St. Anne College,  you will have an opportunity to join the local and, worldwide alumni network. You will be able to interact with fellow alumni and meet professionals and experts in the hospitality industry.

    We Embrace Student-Approach to Student Development

    We foster student development by facilitating meaningful experiences both inside and outside of the classroom and by bridging the two. As students apply what they learn in work and social settings, this will benefit their educational and personal development. On the other hand, through extracurricular and community experiences, this holistic approach will enrich classroom curricula.


    News & Updates

    SMIHT Department Welcomes New Students with a Special Virtual Dance Number

    Back to school and looking cool! 😎Hello there Hospitality and Tourism students. It’s been a week and the SMIHT department is delighted to welcome both new and old students to our community. Buckle up as an exciting school year awaits. Your professors are ready and excited to be with you virtually in their respective classes. Be sure to bring your A-game as we have prepared webinars, and trainings to get you ahead of the pack and to make sure you are future-ready. Get your groove on with our junior and senior students as they dance along with the song permission to dance by BTS.


    BS Tourism Students Pay Tribute to their Professors on Teachers Day Celebration

    “Happy teachers day 2021! It has been an honor to get to learn so many things from all of you! Thanks for inspiring us, our dear professors!”


    Ms. Jen Berangan Greets SACLI Students

    If you are binge-watching on Tiktok, you may have chanced upon the content of one of the gems of the hospitality industry. Jen Barangan, an ex-Cebu Pacific flight attendant has reached stardom in her famous #flightattendancechallenge reaching more than three hundred thousand likes and over thirty thousand shares. Her stats reached 1.9 million followers and continue to grow more with her vlogs on lifestyle, beauty, food, and travel and also to give a peek of her life before as a FA. Follow her on TikTok @jenbarangan and subscribe to her youtube channel: Jen Barangan.

    Although she lost her job as FA during the retrenchment because of the pandemic, she continues to inspire those who also dream of becoming one in the future. Her #flightattendancechallenge has become the inspiration of one of the categories in our Virtual Skills Olympics 2020. Thanks to this amazing fly girl. Truly, she is an inspiration for our tourism students. Here’s Jen, greeting the students and faculty members of SMIHT-SACLI.



    Kreshaera is a graduate of BS Tourism Management and graduating from this degree was one of her childhood dreams. The unforeseen challenges in the Tourism program are what she likes the most because it opens doors for her to try new things and face her insecurities

    “I’ve always wanted to be a cabin crew and this was the right college education to enter the world of Aviation. It was more than just a stepping stone to becoming a stewardess. Thanks to the Tourism & Hospitality Department of SACLI for they have inspired and driven me to get the profession that I surely love.”, she said.

    “With all the hard work and prayers, the sleepless nights during examinations, the sweat and blood during practice for every single competition, and trying to step out of my comfort zone areas. Everything… is all worth it. I’m just so grateful that I graduated on time, my accomplishments acknowledged by my dear Alma mater, but the most precious blessing I didn’t expect to receive from God during college was to graduate “with great honor”, as Magna Cum Laude of Batch 2014.”

    For Kreshaera, to succeed in this course and profession, the student should have a passion for travel, have a heart for customer service, and a good work attitude.

    “To all the BSTM students, never stop growing, never stop pushing yourself, and never be afraid to try new things, and never stop praying. Remember, that you can do all things armed by your faith which makes you stronger. “

    “SACLI helped me to gain advanced knowledge and a broad range of experience in many areas. It also helped me gain the ability to exercise critical and abstract thinking. Aside from learning new things, the institution also aided me in finding good jobs and led a respectable life in the society, which I acquired in my job now as a Travel Agent in Travel Specialist Ventures Group Inc., one of the prestigious travel agencies in the Philippines.”

    Rocel continues to work hard to be a better individual regardless of what she has achieved in her life. She declares that whatever happens, she will always be a woman full of hopes and dreams.