BS Nursing

  •  St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. is gearing up with its endeavor of producing globally competitive nursing graduates by exposing them to intensive clinical experience and nursing practicum in different areas such as pediatric unit, non-intensive and intensive care units (NICU and ICU), delivery room (DR), and operating room.

    Why Choose St. Anne College Lucena’s BS Nursing Program?

    100% % Passing Rate in the July 2021 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE)

    With two base hospitals as training grounds

    • St. Anne College Lucena is proud two have its two (2) sister companies—the St. Anne General Hospital in Lucena and Greg Hospital in Sariaya as base hospitals of the healthcare programs.

    Intensive clinical exposures of students

    • The students are closely monitored by the highly competent clinical instructors —all possessing a Master’s Degree and are affiliated with various healthcare industries. Because of this, nursing students are equipped with the knowledge and skills of novice professional nurse.

    Patient -centric approach mentored by pioneer and clinical instructors

    • Our future nurses are trained and provided with the delivery of specific education and support patients’ need to make these decisions and participate in their own care.

    Global ready graduates

    • We have produced nursing  graduates who are fully prepared for clinical practice and preparedness for the realities of practice in today’s complex healthcare system.  

    Well-Equipped Nursing Laboratories

    Our nursing laboratory is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding, and develop skills in techniques of nursing procedures and practice them in clinical settings. For which we have well-equipped lab with complete beds and mannequins for performing and practice of various nursing procedures.