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Halalan 2018
           August 19, 2018

    St. Anne Student Executive Council (SASEC) had its annual Computerized Election last August 16 at the IT Computer Laboratory for the Academic Year 2018-2019.

    Two student parties namely, Active Coalition of Enthusiastic and Responsible Students (ACERS) and Council of Empowered, Reliable, and Emphatic Students (CERES) fought for the positions in the council. Both parties have a striking line up of officers from diverse college department and organizations.

    Here is the complete list of the newly elected SASEC officers for the Academic Year 2018-2019; PRESIDENT: Jon Paolo Ordoñez (ACERS), Vice President-INTERNAL: Mariela Ayala (ACERS) VP-EXTERNAL: Winzett Quin Tolentino (ACERS), SECRETARY: Sheena Mae Marcuap (ACERS) TREASURER: Jan Michael Esmiller (ACERS), AUDITOR: John Brayn Lagan (ACERS), PRO: Shuichiro Nakada (ACERS). The elected councilors were: Dan Lorenzo Mercado (ACERS), Rose Marie Llona (ACERS) Diana De Ramos (ACERS), Reyven Sanchez (ACERS), Hannah Diane Plata (ACERS), Maria Krista Aquino (CERES), Donita Tolentino (ACERS).

    Students also voted for their target candidates through their mobile phones using the computerized election system. The Office of Student Affairs would like to thank the committee on Election headed by Mr. Emmanuel A. Ramirez, OIC-Management Information System Department. (H. Plata)

Take A Stand! Meeting de Avance
           August 19, 2018

    Filled with fun and excitement, miting de avance for the election of the St. Anne Student Executive Council for the S.Y. 2018 - 2019 held last August 15, 2018 at the SACLI Gymnasium.

    Candidates from each party showed enthusiasm as they recited their campaign speeches and showed their wits during the question and answer portion. A lot of anxious students attended to see and hear for themselves the platforms of their colleagues aspiring to be student leaders in the upcoming election. The two parties namely, Active Coalition of Enthusiastic and Responsible Students (ACERS) and Council of Empowered, Reliable, and Emphatic Students (CERES) campaigned and cited their platforms in front of their fellow students. More than half of the College SACLIANS took part and was encouraged to exercise their rights to vote. Both parties presented an intermission number that made crowd alive. The miting de avance was hosted by Ms. Abigail Sararaña, BSTM-IV and Mr. Daven T. Valdejueza, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Activities. (W.Q. Tolentino)

SACLI welcomes new SACLIANS!
           August 19, 2018

    St. Anne College Lucena, Inc. through the Office of Student Affairs conducted a program for the general orientation to welcome and embrace the freshmen and transferees at the SACLI Gymnasium last August 8, 2018.

    The Office of Student Affairs together with the St. Anne Student Executive Council greeted the students with smiles as they guide the students going to the school Gymnasium.

    Prof. Tessie Abdala, the Director of School of Education, Arts and Sciences presented the SACLI’s Mission, Vision and Core Values. It was followed by the presentation of SACLI’s History and Development headed by Prof. Geronimo T. Gavilan, a member of the Academic Executive Committee. Afterwards, Mr. Raoul C. Capisonda, Chair of Academic Executive Committee addressed his warm words of welcome to the new SACLIans. Meanwhile, it was the Head Registrar and a member of the Academic Executive Committee, Prof. Rosenda P. De Guzman introduced the administrators, Faculty members and Office Staff to be recognized by the neophyte students of St. Anne.

    A BS Education student, Mr. Cris Cedric Bausing boosted the students’ energy as he gave an intermission with a good impression that SACLIANS are well-talented and full of swag.

    On the other hand, the presentation of Policies and Guidelines of the Administration was led by Prof. Rosenda P. De Guzman for the Registrar’s Office, Mr. Mabini Cuyos for the Accounting Office, Mrs. Nida Jaromahum for the Academic Library, Mr. Roberto Rodas for the Physical Plant and Facilities and Prof. Edwin Sebastian for the Safety and Security Services.

    The program concluded with the presentation of SACLI’s academic and non-academic achievers so that freshmen will get inspired with their fellow SACLIans. The Director of Student Personnel Services, Prof. Nelson E. Dean showcased the student achievers of the year. The program was ended with a closing remarks lead by the Dean of School of Business, Accountancy and Technology, Prof. Julianna Lalaine P. Manlangit.

    Ms. Cattleya Nadeline Cordero hosted the annual general orientation.

Values Formation and Spiritual Transformation
           August 19, 2018

Engineering Seminar
           August 19, 2018

Break Free 6
           August 19, 2018

           August 19, 2018

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